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Hunter Biden Snubbed In New York As Art Show Flops With Small Crowd On Day 2

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The traveling grift that is Hunter Biden’s art show landed in New York City and promptly flopped drawing a small crowd of only three people on Day 2 of his New York show.

The show is at the Georges Berges Gallery in Soho and was notable only for how many people did not show up. Look, Hunter can do what he wants but with all the accusations swirling around the Biden family about profiting from access, it is only arrogance that allows this grift to keep going.

Can’t the Biden family or their friends give Hunter a no-show job somewhere, the kind they have been doling out to Hunter for years? 

That would be the obvious solution – stick him some lucrative no-show job with a big Dem door and the problem solved. Hide him out somewhere out of public view and they would have one less scandal to deal with.

Instead, they do this, knowing full well whatever firewall they have set up is not adequate which tells America they are either total incompetents or arrogant or both.

From The New York Post:

Sal, who described himself as retired, made two trips inside, spending less than an hour each time.

In between, he left the gallery and offered an unexpected appraisal of the work by President Biden’s son.

“It’s great. I’m a Republican and I think those were great. His paintings were very good,” he said.

Sal said he told Berges he was “shocked” by his own reaction, adding: “I like six of them very much.”

But when asked if he planned to buy anything, he said, “We’ll see.”

The man who traveled with Sal also called Biden’s artwork “stunning” but suggested it was too rich for his blood when asked if he bought anything.

“I’ll only be so lucky,” he said.

Biden’s paintings are being offered at prices ranging from $75,000 to $500,000 each, eye-popping amounts that have led critics to raise ethical concerns.

The White House has said it struck a deal to keep the identities of any buyers secret to prevent influence peddling.

Osvaldo Jimenez, 46, of upstate Hamden was among several people denied admission to the gallery on Sunday, after which he spent some time with his wife peering inside through the windows.

“The best thing they did was not let me in,” he said.

“I kinda wanted to see what the big fuss was myself and if the art was really good or if it was just because it was Hunter Biden.”