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Condoleezza Rice Goes Off On Host Of “The View” – After Being Interrupted, She Interjects “Well, let me finish, Sunny!”

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In the wake of the Trump administration, Democrats are looking for anyone that will help them tarnish his reputation. Americans have been stunned to see former conservative icons, such as George W. Bush, be more than happy to help them.

That could have been what the crones on The View were hoping when they interviewed former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. They prodded her over the events of January 6—and the Democrats’ so-called commission. When she refused to take their bait, she had to drop the hammer on them.

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Rice had to blast one of the hosts of The View after she cut her off while discussing January 6 and Mitch McConnell’s comments. It seems Sunny Hostin didn’t appreciate Rice’s calls to “move on” and focus on real issues facing Americans. After cutting off Rice, the conservative stateswoman hammered her saying, “Well, let me finish, Sunny!”

The former Bush administration official acknowledged her own condemnation of the events of January 6. But she agreed with McConnell that we need to move on. That’s not what Democrats want. They are hell-bent on milking that day, to find whatever dirty they can to bury Donald Trump.

(Seems like they are pretty scared of the man coming back in 2024.)

Rice refused to go along with their narrative, explaining that Americans are more concerned with “kitchen table” issues. You know, like how they are going to put food on the table, now that Biden’s inflation and supply chain crisis is leaving store shelves empty.

The former SOS even went as far as to mention the “things that are making life hard for Americans.” What things? How about Biden’s toxic policies that are letting one million migrants flood the country. Or regulation that is killing our energy section. Or wasteful spending that has made everything more expensive.

Yet Biden wants to make matters even worse, by spending trillions more to expand welfare.

It doesn’t seem like the hosts of The View appreciated Rice bucking their claims. But this proves that she is much more in tune with what’s going on in America than they are.

Source: Air.TV