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Hours Before Virginia Governor Election – Democrat McAuliffe Sent Spinning By Two Major Charges, Foreign Donations And Race

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The race for the next Virginia governor is coming down to the wire. Tomorrow, voters will decide on Republican Glenn Youngkin or Democrat Terry McAuliffe. And things haven’t been going well for McAuliffe.

He has been sinking in the polls as he’s made one bad move after another. One of his biggest blunders was going after parents who simply wanted better educations for their kids.

Now, two bombshells are coming out that will put the liberal in a very tough position. From Fox News:

Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe called for the Old Dominion state to “diversify” its teacher base, lamenting that the commonwealth has proportionately more White teachers – and promising a program ostensibly aimed at attracting non-White teachers.

Many are questioning whether this statement is just reverse racism disguised in woke terminology. Meanwhile, he has been accused of taking foreign money from a money launderer.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

A government watchdog group hit Terry McAuliffe with a campaign finance complaint on Friday over a $350,000 donation he received from a foreign-owned company linked to an overseas money laundering probe, according to a copy of the filing obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Uh-oh. McAuliffe’s campaign is being accused of taking a large sum of money from a foreign entity that has been linked to money laundering. A watchdog group is asking the FEC to quickly look into this matter, as this donation could be in violation of the law.

The group revealed McAuliffe has a “history” of receiving donations from foreign entities. Pretty odd, considering he is running to be a state governor. Why do outside forces want to help this man get elected? That should be enough for any voter to ask questions. But if this group is involved in actual criminal activity?

The federal government should be taking a serious look at this.

In addition to this, McAuliffe dropped what some will consider a race-based accusation against Virginia’s teachers. He complained that although 50% of VA students are non-white, 80% of teachers are white. That sounds a lot like McAuliffe is judging a person’s ability to teach, based on their race.

Isn’t that what Democrats have called for years racism?

Why is McAuliffe categorizing teachers and students based on their race? Shouldn’t the goal be a quality education, regardless of the teacher’s skin color? But we all know why McAuliffe is doing this. He blundered badly when he attacked parents over their attempts to confront school curriculum.

Now, he is hoping to win over liberal teachers unions and minority voters by leaning into identity politics. But there might be plenty of voters who won’t appreciate him lumping people into boxes based on their race.

Source: The Western Free BeaconFox News