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Conservatives Run The Table In Western Blue State – Red Wave Takes Over School Board In Denver, Colorado

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Yesterday, millions of Americans went to the polls. While only a handful of major seats were up for grabs, many important issues were on the ballot. And the future of our country was being decided by people from coast to coast. Needless to say, Biden’s 10-month presidency was a major factor.

And Democrats are reeling big time.

In addition to governors and mayors, school board positions were up for grabs this election. You probably know all about how parents have fought school boards over questionable curriculum being taught to their kids. Some of that battle was held this election when many school boards could have been reshaped.

And in a solid blue state, a hotly-contested school board race when red. From Fox News:

A slate of political novices in Douglas County, Colorado, declared victory Tuesday night in a school board race that made national headlines…

Christy Williams, one of four “Kids First” candidates, read off initial results to raucous applause at a supporter appreciation party in Parker, Colorado, in the moments after polls closed…

Local NBC affiliate 9news called the race for the conservative slate after 10 p.m. MST.

The results indicate that more than half of the seven-member board could be replaced.

In a pattern that has been seen all over the country last night, a hot school board election in a blue state broke for a team of conservative candidates. The “Kids First” bloc won their races, taking a four-person majority on the seven-member school board of Douglas County, Colorado.

Throughout this year, parents have contended with public schools over a variety of issues. They specifically opposed the teaching of curriculum that rewrote our American history. Even the Biden administration got involved, trying to use the DOJ to intimidate parents.

In addition to that, parents have pushed back against gender issues in schools, as well as other racially-charged policies being championed by leftists. It appears even in blue Colorado, parents were getting sick and tired of leftists meddling with their children’s education.

Such a huge win for conservatives will have the teachers unions shaking. Parents are fighting back against the rising tide of what they perceive to be socialism. And if conservatives can win in this county, they could win anywhere else.

Source: Fox News