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California Governor Newsom Goes ‘Missing’ – Gavin Hasn’t Been Seen In Public For Almost 2 Weeks

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California’s governor might have thought he was invincible after avoiding this Fall’s recall election. Soon after that victory, he pushed more radical plans for the state. That includes harsh mandates and climate change-related regulations.

He was recently seen getting a “booster” of the vaccine, something a few experts have said was needed even for fully immunized individuals. But something could be very wrong. The governor canceled a major trip to an international summit. And hasn’t been seen in public for nearly two weeks.

From Daily Wire:

“California Governor Gavin Newsom has disappeared from public view for 10 days and abruptly canceled plans to attend the COP26 climate summit in Scotland over unexplained ‘family obligations,’” the Daily Mail reported. “Newsom was last seen in public on October 27, receiving a COVID-19 booster shot in Oakland.”

Gov. Newsom has not been seen publicly since October 27. He also canceled his appearance at the COP26 climate summit in Scotland. The best excuse his office has given was that he was attending to “family obligations,” which could mean anything.

Even odder is how his wife posted a nasty message on Twitter over the controversy, only to delete it later. The original tweet stated people speculating over the governor need to “stop hating and get a life.” No, Mrs. Newsom, the people of California have a right to know what is going on with their governor.

It’s one thing to take some time away to be with family. But two weeks? Without appearance or explanation? That doesn’t seem to be normal, regardless of who we’re talking about. The lack of transparency will only lead to speculation that something’s not right.

The fact that this “disappearance” coincided with his Moderna booster shot will only fuel conspiracy theories. Did he get an adverse reaction? Nothing wrong with letting the people in his state know. But covering it up will only lead to panic and fear among some residents.

Why are Democrats so determined to resist transparency? What’s so wrong with the truth? I guess they haven’t been around it for such a long time, they don’t even know what it is!

Source: Daily Wire