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Confused Joe Slips Up Again On Live TV – Jill Biden Has To Step In And Save Him From Disaster

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How is Joe holding up these days? During the 2020 Election, millions of people worried about the man’s physical and mental health. Has a year of being president helped at all? Something tells us, no.

Biden is very selective about his appearances. His administration doesn’t even let him answer the press’s questions. From all appearances, the man is just as helpless as he was during the campaign.

Now, some leaked video revealed Biden tried to talk into a microphone, in the middle of an event prep. It looked so bad, his wife had to intervene.

From Twitter:

A confused Joe Biden tried to awkwardly talk into microphone over blasting music.

The disturbing video shows Biden meandering to a microphone while an event hasn’t yet begun. People are moving around, getting into place, as loud music is blaring. Biden stumbles over the mic and starts to talk, about something. We can’t be sure what he is talking about, but it appears like he is not aware of his surroundings.

Jill Biden quickly swoops in, escorting the man away from the microphone. In this candid moment, Biden seems as confused and out of sorts as he did during the election. He comes off as a doddering old man who does not belong in that situation.

This only stokes more fears that Biden is simply a puppet for the establishment. His handlers just tell him what to do, point him in the right direction, and have him read from a teleprompter. It’s hard to believe the man has any idea what he is doing or is really in charge.

That shouldn’t be a big surprise, considering the year he’s had. Every decision by the Biden administration has resulted in some kind of crisis or mess. The administration then proceeds to scramble, trying to put out the fires. Of course, that only creates more messes.

Does that sound like an administration being led by a strong, confident leader? Or an administration led by a confused old man who is being led around by corrupt, incompetent people?

I can’t say for sure but just watch that video again.

Source: Twitter