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Mark Levin: “Rittenhouse prosecutor’s ass should be in front of an ethics committee in the Supreme Court of Wisconsin”

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Mark Levin called out the hapless prosecutor in the Kenosha, WI trial of Kyle Rittenhouse saying he should face an ethics complaint with the Wisconsin Supreme Court. 

Mark said: “This prosecutor in this case against Kyle Rittenhouse needs to have ethics complaints filed against him with the Supreme Court of Wisconsin. I went back and I looked at these charges.

“These charges are not acceptable, they’re thin. To bring charges within 36 to 48 hours of a case like this, before you actually have an opportunity representing the state to get all the facts, to get all the information, to make a determination of what you should do, your job as a prosecutor is to get to the truth, you represent the government, you represent the state.

“And so, what’s happening here is these prosecutors that Soros puts in, or they’re just weak on their own, they respond to the mob. And right now, we have mob justice depending on who you are and what the situation is.

“Even tonight, in Kenosha, the police are preparing for possible violence if the — if the jury doesn’t rule the way the mob wants them the rule, the way the media want them the rule, the way Hakeem Jeffries and the Democrats want them to rule, the way LeBron James and other Democrats want them to rule.

“This kid went on the stand, and he defended himself. He defended his freedom, and he was superb. If you’re guilty as hell, trust me, you’re not going to go on that stand, and he withstood the lies and the attacks by the prosecutor, trying to trick him. He’s 18 years old.

“He was absolutely outstanding. He defended himself. If this kid hadn’t shot Rosenbaum, he’d be dead. If this kid hadn’t shot Huber, he’d be dead. If this kid hadn’t shot Grosskreutz, he’d be dead.

“Now, we keep hearing about this kid oh he had rounds in his rifle, what should he have? Ten? Oh, he crossed state lines to go to Kenosha. First of all, he didn’t and so what if he did, his father lived there.

“Why is he the one that’s on defense? Why is he the one that has to explain himself to the media? They don’t tell us about Rosenbaum.

“Rosenbaum grabbed the barrel of the rifle. Now, who is this guy? He’s prohibited from possessing or was firearms. He had sex with a minor, gruesome grotesque sex with a minor. He’s a bail jumper, two domestic abuse charges. That’s Rosenbaum. You haven’t heard about Rosenbaum.

“How about Huber, hits him in the head, chases him with a skateboard. That’s like a bat, then hits him in the neck with a skateboard. Who was he? Well, among other things, he had he was a domestic abuse repeater. Well, shouldn’t people know that?

“Who’s Grosskreutz? Just this poor guy who was walking around carrying a pistol? Why did he carry a pistol? Why did he aim it at this kid’s head?

“He wasn’t provoked. He chose to do that himself, and as he said on the stand, that’s when he got shot. So my view is this is disgusting.

“And what about the governor of Wisconsin, the president of the United States at the time Donald Trump called the governor when Kenosha was burning and said, I will agree to send in more national guardsmen because you can’t defend the city. He said no. Why isn’t he responsible for anything? The rioters are responsible for anything, and this damn disgusting media that tries to turn American against American.

“It is outrageous. Joe Scarborough — if he had been black, he wouldn’t be treated this way. Well, he was white, the three men who attacked him were white, two of whom died from shots were white, the one that was shot in the arm was white, what is Joe Scarborough, the whitest guy on TV even talking about? What in the hell does this have to do with race?

“The issue is whether this Kyle Rittenhouse, this young man had a right to defend himself? And the answer is absolutely yes.

“It’s not that the prosecution was incompetent. They were politically motivated. They did not have a case.

“That’s why they resorted to violating the Constitution and the judge’s orders, and that’s why this prosecutor’s ass should be in front of an ethics committee in the Supreme Court of Wisconsin.

“That’s it,” he said.