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Nancy Pelosi Accused Of Concealing $1T In Spending – Chamber Of Commerce Lays Out Democrat “Gimmicks”

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Democrats have been hell-bent on getting Biden’s massive reconciliation bill passed. This “build back better” spending bill is little more than a socialist takeover of our country. Biden plans on putting millions of Americans on welfare, while hammering businesses and working Americans with new financial burdens.

Yet, Biden and Pelosi have claimed this bill will cost “zero.” We’ve already seen how the bill contains hidden tax hikes (unless you’re a rich Democrat). Now, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is calling out Pelosi over her hidden “gimmicks.”

From Fox Business:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce accused the authors of the Democrat-backed reconciliation bill of using “gimmicks to cover up well over $1 trillion in spending,” and called on Congress to identify the bill’s actual “real-world impact.”

The business group published a letter it sent to politicians in D.C. on Wednesday demanding that they consider the cost of the legislation, its inflationary impact and how the policies will impact future workforce participation.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce blasted Democrats for trying to hide the true cost of Biden’s massive spending bill. They revealed that the bill contains a sunset provision that will expire over time, which masks just how much this bill is going to cost. While saying it is only $1.75 trillion, this gimmick hides at least $1 trillion in spending.

The chamber warned lawmakers not to support a bill that will hurt our economy. They said this spending package will have an “inflationary impact” on our country and could hurt “future workforce participation.” This should sound alarm bells for every American.

Biden’s previous spending bill, passed earlier in the year, triggered massive inflation. That “stimulus” is largely to blame for our rising costs, worker shortage, and other economic problems. Democrats and RINOs just passed an infrastructure bill that could cause more damage. If the reconciliation bill is passed, it will only get worse.

Democrats don’t seem to be listening, though. Pelosi has been bullying her own party to get this bill rushed through the House. She doesn’t even want lawmakers to wait for the CBO’s assessment, which is sure to echo the chamber’s concern.

Source: Fox Business