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CNN Comes Clean, Says NYC Tax Probe Of Trump “Largely A Dud, At A Dead End”

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CNN’s legal analyst Elie Hoenig shocked the network’s anti-Trump audience telling them it looks like the big New York investigation into former President Donald Trump and his company is a dud.

He was responding to the news that prosecutors don’t plan to bring charges against Matthew Calamari, a key Trump Organization executive. “I have been informed that there is no present intention to bring charges against Mr. Calamari. We believe that is the fair and just decision,” attorney Nicholas Gravante Jr. said.

“What the future holds in terms of the District Attorney’s continuing investigation is anyone’s guess. In the meantime, however, we are pleased that the considerations raised on Mr. Calamari’s behalf have not fallen on deaf ears.”

CNN’s legal analyst Elie Hoenig said:

“It tells me that the fraud investigation is largely a dud. If they don’t have the goods to charge Matthew Calamari, there’s no way they will have the goods to charge Donald Trump or any of the Trump children. 

“It looks like all they’re going to get out of that is the charge against Allen Weisselberg and the Trump Organization.

“The charge against Allen Weisselberg looks to be supported but, frankly, if he gets convicted he has a chance to not even go to prison given the nature of the charges in New York state. 

“In the indictment of the Trump Organization, sounds like something, but nobody, no individual, can go to prison when a corporation is indicted. 

“So it looks to be like that part of the case, the tax fraud part of the case, is really at a dead end.”