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Trump 2024 Just Got A Major Jolt – His Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows Tips His Hand, Prepare For Denied “Second Term”

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Ever since Joe Biden entered office, Americans have been looking forward to 2024. And, as Biden has failed on nearly every issue, more Americans are joining the throngs seeking a new president. More than a few are hoping that a familiar face will return to the White House, a man that actually put the country first.

But, until now, Donald Trump has been silent about his intentions. He has been working to help conservative candidates win elections—and is all-in on helping Republicans flip Congress next year. Yet, he has not announced a reelection campaign. Now, though, one of his right-hand men could be letting the secret slip out.

From Washington Examiner:

[Trump’s former Chief of Staff Mar] Meadows said that Trump’s call came after the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, which the former president blamed on his successor, President Joe Biden…

“During our conversation, President Trump said the words that I had been waiting to hear for seven months. ‘We have to be ready,’ he said.”[…]

“The message was clear: We had to prepare for the second term that had been denied him.”

Trump’s former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows will be releasing a book about his time in Trump’s administration. A portion of the book will detail what Trump has been up to during Biden’s first year in office. And it appears Meadows let slip an important decision that Trump made soon after the fall of Afghanistan.

The 45th president had been teasing another run for office throughout the year, without giving out details. Early on, we had heard he was going to watch the midterms before deciding. But according to Meadow’s book, Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan forced his hand. He told his staff they have to be ready to run again.

Meadows referred to Trump’s second term as something he was “denied.” And that Trump might run again to right the wrongs already made by Biden’s administration. He blasted Joe’s failures as “damage” he inflicted on the American people. Meadows said Trump needs four more years to “truly drain the swamp.”

But will these words come true? Millions of Americans are hoping so. Trump had previously mentioned he needed to wait before announcing his candidacy. Perhaps that time will come sooner than we think?

Source: Washington Examiner