unique visitors counter Trump Breaks Silence On Chris Wallace: We’re lucky to have him out, third rate, a poor man’s version of his father” – Washington News

Trump Breaks Silence On Chris Wallace: We’re lucky to have him out, third rate, a poor man’s version of his father”

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Former President Donald Trump broke his silence on Chris Wallace leaving Fox News for the hinterlands of CNN+. Trump said on Chris Salcedo’s radio show: “He always wanted to be his father, but he wasn’t born with that kind of talent,” said Trump of the legendary Mike Wallace.

Trump continued:  “And we’re lucky to have him out. When I had the debate, I was debating him and Biden. He was tougher. I was debating him and Biden. I said. ‘What is this? Am I debating two people or am I debating one?”

“Chris Wallace said, ‘No, we’re not allowing that question, that’s not the subject we’re talking about.’ I said, ‘I think it is.’ The guy, he was–I thought he was third rate. He was a poor man’s version of his father,” said Trump of the time he tried to ask Joe Biden about Hunter’s obvious graft.

Howard Stern mocked both CNN and Wallace for the move saying: “I always liked Chris Wallace on Fox News. I always thought he was a level-headed guy. The guy actually pulled it off. I used to watch him on Fox News and go, How does he put up with this sh*t?

“I gotta tell you. People don’t watch CNN, who the hell is going to pay for CNN+? Are they out of their mind? CNN+, I mean what is that? Regular CNN isn’t enough? Good luck being seen on that thing. I mean I like Chris Wallace, but I’m not paying a monthly service fee.

“He was on Fox News for 18 years, I’m sure they’re pissed because they were pretty loyal to him. They probably weren’t coming up with the dough re mi,” Stern said. “I mean they probably offered him some good money.

“Maybe he said to himself, ‘They just had Jeffrey Toobin jerking off on a zoom meeting, and they didn’t really fire him, so that’s probably a good place to work. You can jerk off on your zoom and not get fired.

“I think he saw an opportunity.

“What are they going to put on CNN+ to get someone to pay? Maybe they will take the Cuomo brothers and have them talk p**sy unedited.

“The world is so f**ked up,” Stern said.

“I am thrilled to join CNN+. After decades in broadcast and cable news, I am excited to explore the world of streaming. I look forward to the new freedom and flexibility streaming affords in interviewing major figures across the news landscape — and finding new ways to tell stories,” Wallace said in a statement.

“He is as fine a journalist as there is in our business,” CNN boss Jeff Zucker said. “This speaks volumes about our commitment to journalism and CNN+, and we are thrilled to have Chris on the ground floor of helping us build the next generation of CNN and news.”

Wallace said today on Fox News: “After 18 years, I have decided to leave Fox. I want to try something new, to go beyond politics, to all of the things I’m interested in. This is my final Fox News Sunday. It is the last time — and I say this with real sadness — we will meet like this.

“Eighteen years ago, the bosses here at Fox promised me they would never interfere with a guest I booked or a question I asked and they kept that promise. I have been free to report to the best of my ability, to cover the stories I think are important, to hold our country’s leaders to account. It’s been a great ride.

“I’m ready for a new adventure. And I hope you’ll check it out. And so, for the last time, dear friends, that’s it for today. Have a great week. And I hope you’ll keep watching Fox News Sunday.”