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Hours After Dems Hold Mark Meadows In Contempt – Republicans Turn The Tables On Historic Vote

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Despite the many problems facing our country, House Democrats waste time with their bogus “commission.” Pelosi and her goons are spending tax dollars conducting an investigation into January 6th—with the obvious intent of framing Trump once again.

But Trump’s allies refuse to bend to the knee to the left. So, House Democrats went as far as to hold one of them, Mark Meadows, in “criminal contempt,” the first time this has been done to a former member of Congress in over a hundred years. Why?

Because he refused to testify before their Witch Hunt 2.0. But soon after their vote, they get slammed by powerful rebukes from top Republicans.

From Breitbart:

Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows slammed partisan Democrat efforts to attack him…

“I say that because tonight on the House floor, the Democrats are going to send a clear message that not only should I be referred for criminal contempt but that anybody who is a conservative and supported Donald Trump should be ashamed. They’re not going to intimidate me.”

Meadows wasn’t the only one firing back. From Fox News:

U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan tore into House Democrats on Tuesday night…

“Americans can barely afford groceries. Gas prices are up. Crime is skyrocketing,” Jordan wrote. “And what do Democrats do? Punish their political foe in the dead of night, with no one watching. Pathetic.”

House Democrats, along with Republican traitors Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney, voted late in the night to hold Mark Meadows, former Trump Chief of Staff, in criminal contempt. But Meadows struck back during a powerful speech in Atlanta, GA. He said conservatives were fighting against “evil” Democrats—and he urged them not to back down.

Soon after the vote, Rep. Jim Jordan blasted Democrats for wasting time on this charade. He shamed the radical left, saying they were holding this vote while Americans were suffering. He pointed at the problems plaguing the country as a result of Biden’s administration, including inflation, rising gas costs, and crime.

Meadows’ response was particularly powerful, considering how House Democrats are trying to destroy him. Their vote could attract the attention of the DOJ. He might face a real criminal case. But he punched back by saying they were being “motivated by evil” and were trying to shame conservatives who supported Donald Trump.

Yet in the midst of his historically and ugly attack, Meadows said he was “encouraged.” He pointed to the growing number of conservative leaders at the state level, who are fighting to save the country. And he is no doubt thinking about the coming red wave in November when Democrats will be forced out of office.

Source: BreitbartFox News