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Joe Biden And Chuck Schumer Throw In Towel, Give Up On Passing Build Back Better In 2021

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President Joe Biden and Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) are throwing in the towel on getting Biden’s next major spending bill, Build Back Better, passed this year because they do not have the votes.

NBC News reporter Leigh Ann Caldwell said: “Schumer is likely to push a vote on the Build Back Better plan until next year, according to four sources familiar with the leaders’ plans.

“He doesn’t have the votes as Manchin remains noncommittal. Schumer is still holding out hope for action on voting rights this year, multiple sources tell us. They are hoping for agreement on a rules change between four moderates who have been meeting –Tester, Kaine,  King, and Manchin.”

The White House confirmed the cave today saying Biden wants the bill to pass “as soon as Congress returns” from recess in January. 

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said of Biden:

“He is somebody who is committed to pressing forward through ups and downs, and that’s where we are right now. The president wants to see this move forward, it’s a priority for him, as soon as Congress returns.

“The president is also someone who has been through many legislative battles, many legislative fights, many that have ups and downs but ultimately resulted in victory.”

“The president considers Sen Manchin a friend. He’s somebody who he has many candid and direct conversations with.

“It doesn’t mean they always agree on everything but that is not the bar that the president sets for his relationships or friendships with members of Congress,” Psaki said of Manchin.

When asked how the bumbling Dems have time enough to pass the huge spending bill given a vote for it would be toxic and the midterms are looming, Psaki said:

“That’s absolutely our plan. The president wants to see this move forward early next year,” she said.