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Biden Earns “Lie Of The Year” From WSJ – They Claim The Democrat Price Tag Of Build Back Better Is A “Big Con’

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Word spread yesterday that Joe Biden’s bloated spending plan was dead in the water. Democrats have been forced to shelf the agenda until next year (if at all), thanks to moderate Joe Manchin’s stonewalling. Quickly, they shifted gears to pushing radical election “reform.”

But they had a big problem. They can’t get this bill passed in the Senate without 60 votes. And there is no way Republicans will support their drastic changes. The solution? Eliminate that pesky filibuster. Sadly (for them) another moderate is standing in their way.

From Politico:

The Arizona moderate is making clear that she intends to keep protecting the Senate’s 60-vote requirement on most legislation and she isn’t ready to entertain changing rules to pass sweeping elections or voting legislation with a simple majority…

In a statement to POLITICO, a spokesperson said that Sinema “continues to support the Senate’s 60-vote threshold, to protect the country from repeated radical reversals in federal policy which would cement uncertainty, deepen divisions, and further erode Americans’ confidence in our government.”

At least we can say there are two Democrats left in America with a shred of sanity. After Joe Manchin stopped Biden’s socialist takeover of our economy, Kyrsten Sinema is preventing Democrats from radically altering the Senate.

She continues to refuse to support the destruction of the filibuster. The senator explained that getting rid of this one rule (which gives the minority party a voice in the Senate) would “cement uncertainty” among Americans and “deepen divisions.” And she’s right.

If all that was needed in the Senate to pass a bill was a simple majority, parties would never try to work together. Whichever had the majority would ram their agenda through, without considering the other party’s concerns. That’s exactly what we have in the House—and we’ve all seen how dysfunctional that chamber is under old Nance.

The filibuster actually protects the integrity of our legislature, because it gives all senators a say in lawmaking. Shouldn’t Democrats—a party that constantly talks about respecting minorities—support such a rule?

Heck, they used the filibuster all the time during Trump’s administration. When Republicans put forward responsible police reform last year, Democrats blocked it thanks to the filibuster. But now that they have a slim majority (which could disappear next year), they want to upend the entire system.

They should be thankful that Sinema has so much sense.

Source: Politico