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Nancy Pelosi Sent Spinning In California – She Just Lost Another Democrat In Her Backyard To 2022 Retirement Wave

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We’ve heard a lot about the problems facing the Democrats, come 2022. Many experts are saying they will have a very hard time holding onto the House. That is because Congress has done so poorly under Nancy Pelosi, who has behaved almost like a tyrant. And let’s not forget old Joe Biden, whose approval sits around 36%.

Already we’ve about Democrat congress members abandoning ship. Nineteen liberals won’t be running for reelection, making Pelosi’s chances at holding the majority even slimmer. Well, I guess we can add another name to that list, because yet another Democrat is retiring at the end of this term.

From Fox News:

Five-term Rep. Alan Lowenthal of California will retire at the end of this Congress.

Lowenthal, who will step down after serving for 10 years in the House of Representatives after two decades in municipal and state government, becomes the 20th Democratic lawmaker to retire or run for different office in 2022 midterm elections, as the party tries to defend its razor-thin majority in the chamber. Twelve House Republicans are retiring or seeking another office next year.

Another one bites the dust. California lawmaker Alan Lowenthal will be stepping down after this term and won’t seek reelection. That brings the total number of fleeing Democrats to 20. That is twenty seats Democrats won’t be able to defend, making them up for grabs from Republican newcomers.

That is bad news for Pelosi, who inexplicably refuses to retire at the end of this term. This, despite her promises to retire after 2022 she made in 2018. But with each passing day, the prospect of Democrats holding onto Congress becomes less and less likely.

And let’s look at the main reason why. Democrats held control of D.C. all this year. It was their chance to prove to America they can run the country better than Republicans and Donald Trump. What did they end up doing? Opening the border, triggering inflation, pushing reckless spending bills, and letting crime get out of control.

Meanwhile, they’ve done little to stop Joe Biden’s tide of tyranny. Democrats appear to be applauding Joe’s abuse of executive authority and trampling of our constitutional rights.

Many Democrats in the House see the writing on the wall. Some of them know that they will not be able to win reelection, with the party failing so hard. Virginia’s election this year was proof that Democrats are losing ground, even in blue states.

Imagine what will happen across the entire country next year?

Source: Fox News