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Florida Court Just Stopped Biden In His Tracks – They Block Joe’s Federal Contractor Mandate Temporarily

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With Joe Biden making a mess of the country, it’s up to state leaders to preserve our way of life. Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida, has been leading the charge against Biden’s reckless agenda. He stood up to the left last year when he reopened his state quickly.

Now, DeSantis is opposing Biden’s moves left and right. We learned he was working to stop Biden shipping migrants into the state. He also is working to hire more cops in the state, offering them bonuses. And his team got a major win against one of Biden’s mandates.

From The Epoch Times:

A federal court in Florida has temporarily blocked the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate directed at federal contractors, marking a small win for the sunshine state as litigation over the matter continues.

Florida is among 19 states that sued the Biden administration in late October over the federal vaccine mandate for government contractors, outlined under Executive Order 14042 that President Joe Biden issued on Sept. 9.

A federal court in Florida blocked Biden’s mandate against contractors, for the moment, as the case continues. The final fate of this rule could be decided by a permanent ruling from the court. This is the first step in checking Biden’s rule, which could result in numerous Americans losing their jobs.

Biden is seemingly trying to overwhelm our system with endless mandates. He has targeted medical providers, federal contractors, the military, and private businesses. No one seems safe to Biden’s unconstitutional overreach. But this decision is a good sign.

All of Biden’s mandates have been challenged in court. Most of these cases are still ongoing. It’s crucial for the courts to knock down these mandates so that Biden can’t establish a pattern for future presidents. If he gets away with mandates that jeopardize our constitutional rights, other presidents might go further.

This mandate could prevent an American from getting (or keeping) a job with a company that contracts with the federal government. That can hurt a person’s ability to support their family, putting them out on the streets.

But Biden doesn’t seem to care. He is hell-bent on pushing his agenda.

Source: The Epoch Times