unique visitors counter Candace Owens Slams Meghan McCain: “You are slipping into utter irrelevancy and it’s sad to watch” – Washington News

Candace Owens Slams Meghan McCain: “You are slipping into utter irrelevancy and it’s sad to watch”

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Meghan McCain, famous for being John McCain’s daughter and nothing else, tried to take on Candace Owens an accomplished woman who rose to the top of her profession because she earned it.

Predictably, it did not go well for Meghan. Candace shut her down saying it was sad to watch her slip into utter irrelevancy before calling her trash for cursing. Meghan said: “Trump schooling Candace Owens with facts and logic regarding getting the vaccine is really a sight to behold. Credit where credit is due and I hate the guy.

Candace said, maybe taking a veiled swipe at Megan’s weight: “Hey Meghan— did you know that the overwhelming majority of people dying and/or being hospitalized from Covid-19 are clinically obese? People like you love the vaccine because it allows you to pretend that you care about health. People like me see right through that bullshit.”

Meghan said: “Come get your girl @benshapiro

Candace said: “Why don’t you come get this medical paper which correlates clinical obesity to a 113% higher chance of hospitalization, 74% higher chance of ICU admission, and a 48% higher chance of death.”

Meghan said: “Lol, I know it stings having your golden God, Trump, call you out on your anti vaxxer bullshit.”

Candace said: “You so clearly did not watch the interview and are just reading headlines. What exactly did I say that was “anti-vax” in the interview, Meg? Also “golden God”? What is up with these pre-school comebacks?” 

Meghan said: “Your post-trump pro-vaccine interview spiral has been really fun for all of us to watch.”

Candace said: “You are slipping into utter irrelevancy and it’s sad to watch.

Do you want to come on my show, Meg? Just say the word and I’ll have my producers reach out.

“That way, you can actually be in an episode as opposed to spending your full day tweeting about it.”

Meghan said: “Coming from the woman who did an entire IG Live tonight talking at LENGTH about how obese I am as opposed to addressing the fact that her hero fact-checked her.

You spread misinformation about the safety of vaccines. You’re a danger to public health. Get f*cked.”

Candace said: “Um…An entire IG live about YOU? Have you lost your mind? Try—I told people I was running late to my live because I was responding to your fake health concerns on Twitter. I then proceeded to do “an entire IG live” regarding Guardasil, DTap and Hep B vaccines, as planned.”

“Also, “get f*cked”. Really, Meghan? So gutter and trashy.”