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Kamala Harris Embarrasses USA, Stutters Through Simple Question Proving She Is Not Ready For Top Job

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A new clip from an interview Kamala Harris gave CBS shows just how unprepared Kamala is for the job and that is not a good thing with Joe Biden’s age. Kamala has been hounded by rumors she is not ready for prime time and worse, that she does not bother to prepare for a job.

Harris is in over her head and the only chance she has to keep her head above water is to work harder than any VP in history instead, she can’t answer basic questions as you can see in the video below.

Something is not right in Joe Biden’s White House if Harris stumbles when she answers such softball questions.

Briahna Joy Gray, former National Press Secretary for Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) 2020 presidential campaign, thinks she may know one of Kamala’s problems.

Gray said Harris has been “leaning” on Hillary Clinton for advice which she says “isn’t particularly well-advised.”

Gray said Harris is suffering “a little bit from a soft bigotry of low expectations.”

“Which isn’t to say that she couldn’t be a better candidate,” Gray said. “I think a lot of people, when she won her Senate race in 2017 really expected her to be the heir apparent if only for these superficial identity-focused reasons.”

Gray said:

“One bit of advice I might offer to Harris is to stop relying on the same council and guidance that Hillary Clinton relied on, including Hillary Clinton herself.

Gray goes on to say if Hillary was not the candidate in 2016 and another woman was, TRump would have lost.

“You can say what you want to say about there being a discriminatory element, a biased element, as there always is in some capacity when you’re dealing with these kinds of first types but I also very much believe that a woman, who wasn’t Hillary Clinton, could have won.”

“And that a vice president who isn’t Kamala Harris, but who is Black, Asian, female in some combination could obviously be doing a much better job if she behaved differently,” she said.