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CNN Analyst Comes Clean, Admits New York AG ‘Politically Targeted’ Trump Family

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CNN senior legal analyst Elie Honig came clean and admitted New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) ‘politically targeted’ the Trump family. James has issued subpoenas to Don Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump and former President Donald Trump.

She ran on a pledge to go after the Trump’s and that is about the only promise she followed through on. She is targeting them in a civil case but she is also working with the Manhattan District Attorney who is going after the Trump family criminally.

Both District Attorney’s have Trump’s taxes and hours of testimony and the best they can do is charge Trump’s CEO Allen Weiselberg with a crime that even if he is convicted he won’t do a day in jail for. Believe me, if they had anything on Trump they would have charged him.

So the Trump’s told James to go pound sand arguing that whatever they tell James could be used against them by the Manhattan DA in the criminal case.

It’s Kafkaesque and even CNN agrees something is not right with this picture.
Honig said:

“The Trumps’ argument here is not absurd. It’s not ridiculous. The crux of their argument is, we have been politically targeted by this attorney general, Letitia James. 

“And you know what? They’re right.

 “And that’s not a matter of opinion or speculation. 

“That’s a matter of fact because Letitia James herself said it over and over again when she was running for Attorney General of New York. 

“She said, essentially, the main plank of her platform was vote for me, and I’ll nail the Trumps.

“I don’t think any prosecutor, Republican or Democrat, should ever run for office as a prosecutor on a platform of, vote for me and I will nail this specific person.

“But more to the point, it’s counterproductive because now her own statements of politicization are being used against her,” he said.