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Pence Goes After Biden At The Supreme Court – Mike Files Amicus Brief To Put A Stop To Joe’s Business Mandates

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President Joe Biden’s mandates were controversial when first announced, and they’ve run into numerous roadblocks since. Multiple states and lawmakers have sued to freeze these mandates in their tracks.

And that pushback continues in 2022. To kick off the New Year, former Vice President Mike Pence made one of the strongest moves yet against Biden’s sweeping business rules.

This one involves the highest court in the land, too.

In the months following Biden’s mandate that all businesses with over 100 employees must require the COVID-19 vaccine, courts around the country have erupted with complaints and lawsuits.

These suits have been leveled by everyone from businesses on the smaller end of that 100-employee limit, to top-tier Washington politicians.

The former VP is one of several D.C. politicos who stood against the mandates from the start. That’s why he’s spearheading one of the many attempts to stop the President’s questionable mandate.

This involves pressing the Supreme Court to put an end to the idea once and for all.

From The Hill:

Former Vice President Mike Pence on Monday announced his advocacy group has filed an amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to reject the Biden administration’s attempt to require large businesses to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine for its workers or require frequent testing.

Pence’s organization, Advancing American Freedom, filed the brief. They made it plain that Biden’s mandate is unconstitutional, and exceeds OSHA’s emergency authority.

Others have made similar accusations, especially in regards to the Constitution.

To many, this is a human rights issue; the government shouldn’t be allowed to force people to put something into their bodies they don’t want there. It’s a personal life decision, says Pence:

America is about freedom and the ability to make the best decision for your family or business, and Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate must be stopped in its tracks in order to preserve freedom, protect American livelihoods and businesses, and to safeguard our constitution.

As for OSHA exceeding its authority, the brief cites previous cases where the group used its emergency powers for the benefit of workers.

However, the brief explains that there’s a difference between regulating workplace dangers like asbestos, and forcing employees to get vaccinated (or to receive any sort of medical procedure or treatment).

Pence’s brief added that Biden’s business mandate is basically a trap door: that it leads to the administration making the vaccine mandatory for every citizen.

As it stands, the President’s mandate is slated to go into effect this month. If it isn’t stopped, it could affect an estimated 84 million employees in the country, which may have a profound impact.

While Biden’s DOJ lawyers maintain that this “falls squarely within OSHA’s statutory authority,” most Republicans and millions of Americans disagree.

They claim this is just another example of vast governmental overreach and “Big Brother” forcing its way into the lives of individuals. That’s why so many lawsuits have already been thrown down.

Now the only question is whether or not the mandate sticks — and whether or not the Biden administration continues to clamp down with controversial edicts.

Source: The Hill