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Cher Has Meltdown Over Dems Losing Midterms: ‘If Dems Lose House or Senate We’re F**ked’

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Hollywood star Cher had a meltdown on social media as President Joe Biden sinks to new lows in the polls and more and more Americans identify as Republicans. Due to Biden and the Dems poor job performance, the GOP leads the generic ballot for the House by record numbers.

Usually, the Dems have an advantage on the generic ballot that, due to population concentration and other factors, does not automatically translate into fewer GOP seats.  But the Dems usually have a slight advantage even if they lose the House. But when the Dems win the House, they need to have roughly a 3-5 point advantage on the generic ballot heading into election day.

The GOP rarely leads in this important metric and traditionally can still win the House (even if the Dems lead is 1 or 2 points). But if the GOP has an advantage on the generic ballot it is a total game changer, almost unheard of, and points to a historic and total Dem (state and federal) wipeout in 2022.

Cher knows what is coming and went on social media to say: “What’s coming is DIRE. Know Its Scary, You Dont Want 2 Hear it, But If Dems lose House or Senate We’re f*cked.


“I’ve Waited & Folded hands, But NOW I Must Call ”MANCHIN & SINEMA Traitors 2 Democracy” 

“When History’s Written, Manchin, & Sinema Will Go Down As The ”TWO COWARDLY POLITICIANS, Who Were Willing 2 Destroy America 2 Stay In Power

“Why Don’t They Call Themselves What They Are, REPUBLICANS

“Im Sick Of JOE MANCHIN’S, BULLSHIT. I Started Reading about his constituents in West Virginia,& They Live In 3’d Poorest State & They Suffer. At 1st I Was DEM Vs GOP=Hate, But I Was Being SO Unkind. People of West Virginia DESERVE HELP.

Earlier Cher went on MSNBC and said:

“I really wish the Democrats would just go on full-tilt and run around with their hair on fire. I know it’s not the nice thing to do or it’s not the genteel thing to do, but time’s-a-wasting, guys, and somebody’s got to light a fire.”

“I just feel kind of like a geek because I am such an avid MSNBC viewer. “Sometimes I’m yelling at you guys, other times I’m just being like, ‘Oh, they’re so sweet’ and, like, rubbing your heads.

“Actually, if you’ve ever read any of my tweets, you know I’m so insanely political and get myself in so much trouble, but I don’t care.”