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MLK’s Niece Alveda Speaks Out On MLK Day – She Tells Americans They Can Be More Like Her Uncle By Forgiving Others

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Today is the day America remembers the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The trailblazing Civil Rights activists gave his life to ensure all Americans were treated equally. His famous “I Have a Dream” speech is one of the most iconic and inspiring messages even given on U.S. soil. And although he was tragically assassinated, his words and message can continue to inspire the nation.

Despite the problems facing the country today, there is still hope to be found in King’s message. His niece, Alveda King, spoke out about her uncle’s legacy and influence. And she said how Americans can follow in his footsteps in one simple way.

From Fox News:

She noted that yes, he wrote “great sermons and great books, and he delivered great messages — but he actually did his best to live those examples that he spoke about and wrote about.”

So — try to be more like Jesus Christ. Ask for forgiveness. Forgive others. Be a living example of those tenets in daily life…

Alveda King also shared this point of her uncle’s: “He said that hatred paralyzes life, and that love releases it.”

She added, “He was never pessimistic. He was optimistic.”

Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece, Alveda King shared about her uncle’s legacy and impact on our nation. It’s no secret that King’s efforts helped ensure the passage of Civil Rights legislation. And many people on both the right and the left reference King and his work as important to our country.

But how can we carry on that message of hope and optimism? By forgiving others. Alveda urged Americans today to “be a living example” of what King taught throughout his life. And the most important one seems to be to forgive those who wronged us.

We are living at a time of intense opposition. People in this country fight others, just for disagreeing. They are ready to “cancel” people for having the “wrong” opinion. They are quick to blame others for problems they might be able to fix themselves. And political parties daily try to tear apart families, communities, and the nation.

But Alveda is reminding us that is not why our nation has survived for so long. Unless we are willing to forgive one another—are we really living up to what King fought and died for? Perhaps Americans need to put aside their differences, once and a while, in order to forgive.

That’s certainly something those folks in D.C. need to learn to do.

Source: Fox News