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Virginia Republican AG Just Cleaned House – Hours After Being Sworn In, He Goes On a Firing Spree

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Virginia underwent a seismic shift in 2021. For the first time in over a decade, the state saw a massive “red wave,” with GOP candidate Greg Youngkin upsetting Democrat incumbent Terry McAuliffe.

That wasn’t the only Republican victory in the state, either: the new Attorney General, Jason Miyares, is another proud member of the GOP.

And he didn’t waste any time in cleaning house after being sworn in.

When Miyares got the job, it was well known that he didn’t see eye-to-eye with many attorneys in Virginia. Most assumed he would get rid of at least a few staffers as soon as he took office.

But few expected him to go on a firing spree that ultimately took down 30 staffers.

Miyares’ office is calling this a major “restructuring,” which is likely to reflect the views of the Republican Party. On the flip side, it probably won’t please the remaining Democrat leaders in the state.

As part of the new AG’s sweeping vision, he’s even launching two investigations into the Virginia Parole Board and Loudoun County public schools.

Miyares spokesperson Victoria LaCivita gave the following statement to the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

During the campaign, it was made clear that now-Attorney General-elect Miyares and Attorney General Herring have very different visions for the office.

We are restructuring the office, as every incoming AG has done in the past.

During his campaign run, Miyares was quoted as saying that “George Soros-backed Commonwealth’s attorneys are not doing their jobs,” and swore to prosecute crimes that liberal attorneys had ignored.

This is a major topic of concern for many American citizens these days: many believe enforcement of the law is reaching an all-time low due to political correctness and “social justice.”

But that isn’t going to fly under Miyares. He isn’t going to ignore what happened in Loudoun County, either:

The Virginia Parole Board broke the law when they let out murders, rapists, and cop killers early on their sentences without notifying the victims.

Loudoun County Public Schools covered up a sexual assault on school grounds for political gain, leading to an additional assault of a young girl.

Virginia’s newest Republican leaders are definitely on the warpath, and they intend to get things done.

Miyares’ 30-man firing spree follows hot on the heels of Gov. Youngkin’s 11 executive orders, and many of those orders also deal with Virginia’s parole board and the Loudoun County schools.

These GOP members are tired of people getting away with breaking the law, and they’re taking strong strides to reestablish some semblance of order and discipline.

This is a big reason why the “red wave” struck Virginia so hard last year, according to many voters. The majority of state citizens simply seemed frustrated with their questionable leadership.

Source: The Daily Wire