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Virginia GOP Governor Fires Off 11 Executive Orders – On Day One, Youngkin “Fulfilled His Promise” To VA Parents

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Democrats were stunned when Republicans swept last year’s Virginia state elections. Voters kicked Democrats out of the governor’s office, as well as the lieutenant governor’s office, and the office of the attorney general. They still don’t understand how it happened, and how it will probably happen again this November.

Glenn Youngkin was just sworn into office as VA governor. And he’s not wasting any time. He made some big promises to Virginia voters last fall. He’s already making good to set right the many wrongs of the previous administration. He’s kicking it off with a flurry of executive orders.

From Fox News:

A Virginia parent is touting newly-sworn in Governor Glenn Youngkin, after he issued 11 executive actions on day one keeping a variety of promises he campaigned on, including ending critical race theory…

“I think this is just an example to the rest of the country that parents’ voices make a difference in their children’s lives, and Glenn Youngkin is delivering on promises that he gave throughout his campaign and on day one, he kept them.”

Gov. Glenn Youngkin signed 11 executive orders and directives on his first day in office. The very first one was to ban the teaching of critical race theory in VA’s schools. Other orders empowered parents’ role in their children’s education—as well as investigations into crimes occurring in certain school districts.

Virginia parents are already raving. One said Youngkin has already made good on his promises. On “day one” he fulfilled what he was talking about on the campaign trail. That’s not something you often see from politicians. Democrats often make huge promises to voters while running for office. Whenever they do get power, they conveniently forget those promises.

That is, until the next time they run for reelection.

Youngkin went even further. He cut job regulations to promote business in the state. He also ended a mandate that was issued for government workers, prevent disasters seen in other states. The rest of his administration is making similar waves, eager to make a difference in a state dominated by Democrats since 2009.

Remember Biden’s first days in office? He rattled off a pile of executive orders to undo Trump’s work. Well, Democrats are getting a taste of their own medicine as Youngkin takes a page out of Biden’s playbook—except he’s making moves for freedom, not regulations and restrictions.

How will this affect the rest of the country? Will more governors (and voters) follow in VA’s steps? I guess we’ll find out.

Source: Fox News