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Biden ‘Ends His Presidency’ In A Single Speech – Joe’s Press Conference Made Things Worse, Earns An F From Independents

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After months of hiding from the media, Joe Biden held his first “real” press conference for 2022. Normally, presidents hold press conferences frequently, especially during times of crisis. But despite the many problems hurting Americans, Biden has refused to interact with the media.

Not that this really counted as “interacting.” Biden once again had a list of reporters to call on, who appeared to ask preapproved questions. Old Joe even appeared to be reading from something written for him. But if his handlers thought that was going to salvage this train wreck, they were sorely mistaken.

From Fox News:

Polling expert Lee Carter revealed Thursday American voters’ reactions to President Biden’s first formal press conference in over 300 days…

Democrats supported his message, but independents and Republicans both gave the president an ‘F’ grade.

“They said he seems so out of touch – what he said is simply untrue,” Carter told Ainsley Earhardt.

Critical reactions have been pouring in. And most pundits claim Biden just ended his presidency.

From Fox News:

President Biden spent most of 2021 avoiding press conferences, but he held one on Wednesday, which was panned as being a “total disaster.” […]

The president was criticized throughout his long remarks on issues related to Russian aggression towards Ukraine, his claim that he outperformed expectations, his outburst toward a reporter and more.

So, why was Biden’s press conference so bad? Do we really have to tell you? Biden not only came off, once again, as confused, angry, and out of touch. He also made some serious blunders that could jeopardize the free world. Worst, it seems, were his statements regarding Russia.

The White House had to scramble to correct those errors. Americans, responding to Biden’s terrible performance, gave him failing grades. Republicans, understandably, gave him an “F.” But even independent voters were not impressed. According to the poll, they gave him a big fat “D” on his statements about our elections and an “F” overall.

Biden tried to defend his failed first year in office. On the eve of his one-year anniversary, he failed to convince most people that he knows what he is doing. He tried to defend his support for radically disrupting our elections. But people weren’t convinced that his voting agenda is right for the country.

Critics were merciless. They tore apart the unimpressive performance, saying it was a total disaster. Some claimed this effectively ended his presidency. That’s how bad this press conference was. We’d never expect an administration to be taken down by the president talking to reporters. But nothing’s off the table when a man like Biden is in charge.

He did such a bad job, confidence in his presidency is all but gone. The man even seemed to question the validity of the very election that put him into office! He will have an impossible time getting anything done from here on out.

Source: Fox NewsFox News