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Squad Member Arrested On Capitol Hill – 30 Protesting Voting Rights Fail Handcuffed Along With Jamaal Bowman

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It’s safe to say Democrats aren’t happy. They failed to get their toxic, unconstitutional “voting rights” bills passed this week. Those bills were essentially their last-ditch attempt at securing midterm election victories.

With those bills dead (thanks to Republicans and only two Democrats), the party has little hope of salvaging their chance at holding Congress.

What are Democrats to do? Maybe try to reconnect with Americans by working with Republicans to pass bills that help the country? Of course not! They are going to protest outside the Capitol because they didn’t get their way.

Naturally, some far-left progressives were there, blocking the North Barricade. So the cops busted them. From Fox News:

Rep. Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y., was among approximately 30 protesters arrested Thursday at the U.S. Capitol during a demonstration about election reform legislation…

According to the Post, Batchelor maintained that he and other demonstrators blocked the driveway Thursday as a demonstration of civil disobedience after the legislation failed to pass.

Here you can see him getting arrested:

New York’s Jamaal Bowman, a progressive House member, was arrested with roughly 30 other protestors outside the Capitol building. They were deliberately blocking one side of the building, so cops were forced to clear them away.

According to reports, Bowman joined “faith leaders” and youth who were also apparently staging a hunger strike.

All because Joe Biden failed to pass bills that could have corrupted our voting process.

Of course these protesters will probably wear this as a badge of honor, but most Americans will see it for what it is—they broke the law and were arrested, and they were doing it while protesting something a majority of Senators stand against.

They claimed they were disrupting Capitol business to fight for our “democracy.” Is that what this is all about? What about banning voter ID is protecting democracy? How is taking the state’s constitutional right to governor elections and handing it over to the D.C. swamp defending democracy?

From all appearances, the radical bills Biden wanted passed had nothing to do with protecting voting rights, but making it impossible to prevent fraud. In fact, millions of Americans would lose faith in our democracy if those bills were passed.

Yet these Democrats thought they would be praised for staging this protest outside the Capital.

Instead, they are going to have a record. I’m sure they’ll back to their leftist buddies and brag about it.

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