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SQUAD SCUM Ilhan Omar Makes DISGUSTING Announcement

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American citizens need to be concerned that we have members of congress that are anti-American, have ties to terrorist nations, are racist, corrupt as well as anti-Semitic. Oh wait, we just described every freaking Socialist/ Democrat in office!

Enter Radical Islamist Ilhan Omar.

The filthy SQUAD member has announced that she is seeking re-election in the 2022 election.


Unbelievably she won the 2020 election with 64 percent of the vote.

That in itself is completely INSANE!

Either we have have a hell of a lot of idiots in Minnesota or they rigged the election.

“When I first ran for this office there was one thing I kept coming back to. Something I said to myself and to the voters over and over: I believe that a better world is possible,” Omar said, in a statement announcing her new campaign. “I still believe that.”

A better world?

What in the hell is this radical Jew hating pile of garbage going to do to make this world better?


She freaking married her own brother for God’s sake!


The REAL President DONALD J. TRUMP touched on that subject as well as the fact that she is a JEW HATER during a rally in Iowa in October.


Omar’s list of offenses and potential offenses also includes:

Evidence suggests Omar married her brother most likely to skirt immigration law.  Evidence of their marriage is sufficiently compelling that it warranted a full investigation.  There was none.

TTOA previously reported that Omar was arrested in 2013 for trespassing and then booked at Hennepin County Jail “to prevent further criminal conduct,” according to a police report uncovered by Christine Bauman of Alpha News.

-There is sufficient evidence to open an investigation into whether she committed income tax fraud by filing a joint return with a second man who she was not married to. No investigation was opened.

Omar was deemed to have committed six campaign finance violations by Minnesota officials.

One must wonder how Omar can continue to not be investigated by the feds for marrying her brother, immigration fraud, ties to Islamist extremists groups, campaign fraud as well as voter fraud. The answer is easy, she is protected by the democratic party and the alphabet soup agencies have made it clear which side of the line they operate on and under whose control.

Anyways, back to Omar’s re-election.

Meanwhile, a Somali-born U.S. Army veteran has joined the Republican field seeking to challenge Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., calling out her lack of attention to the needs of her constituents as violent crime surges in Minneapolis, FOX News reports.

“Minneapolis just saw one of the most violent years on record, falling just one homicide short from the all-time record. The city at that time was coined ‘Murder-apolis,’” the 5th Congressional District candidate Shukri Abdirahman told Fox News Digital.

Abdirahman, a Muslim military veteran and mother of three, announced her campaign Monday.

Immigrating to the U.S. at 13, Abdirahman joined the military shortly after graduating from high school. During her freshman year of college, she felt compelled to enlist after hearing about the Black Hawk Down incident during the U.S.’s war with Somalia during which eight American soldiers were killed.

Abdirahman now seeks to represent Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives, having ripped progressive congresswoman Omar for her handling of the district because “there seems to be no representation at all.”

“After I left the military, I always wanted to be a service-driven person and serve my country in a different capacity – and now more than ever, I realize there’s no more time to wait for it to happen,” she said.

Abdirahman, a practicing Muslim, added that when Omar pushed a bill to defund the police, the city and residents told her that they wanted to keep police intact.

But “their needs have been greatly neglected,” she warned. “They are left in crime-ridden cities.”

“She [Omar] vowed this will be her life’s mission. I mean, she said that. She actually said that it is her life’s mission to make sure the police are defunded,” Abdirahman added.

“I am running against Ilhan, Omar, who has completely neglected, my community, my district… and we are slowly losing our freedoms,” Abdirahman warned.

“That scares me because I have three little children that I want to raise them in the country that I have come to know, that gave me a safe haven, that made me feel safe as a youngster. And I want to preserve that for my children and American citizens’ children.”

Crazy stuff there folks.

We hope this SQUAD SCUMBAG gets voted out.

She is EVERYTHING that AMERICA isn’t.