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Ted Cruz Overrules Jim Acosta, Shuts Down CNN Host With Perfect Comeback: “And nobody listens to you

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GOP Senator Ted Cruz shut down CNN’s Jim Acosta in epic fashion on Twitter after Acosta tried to defend his crusade against Joe Rogan. Meghan McCain started it off by reminding CNN that Joe Rogan is way more popular with Americans than Jim Acosta.

Meghan said: “I think a lot of people are really missing the point. Ask yourself why so many Americans have fled mainstream media and gone to Joe Rogan. He gets 100 million listeners a month and Jim Acosta can’t even break half a million in primetime. Why doesn’t anyone trust you anymore?

Acosta tried to get cute because he could not argue with the fact that Rogan pulls in 10-11 million listeners per show while Acosta’s gets fewer viewers than amateur YouTube hosts.

Acosta said in response to McCain: “I’ll take tweets that didn’t age well for 500.”

Ted Cruz could not pass up the easy chance to dunk on Acosta and said:

“Aged pretty damn well.

“100 million people still listen to Joe Rogan.

 “And nobody listens to you.”

A jealous Jim Acosta trashed Joe Rogan earlier asking former Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson if he thought Spotify should yank Rogan’s podcast.

Acosta said:

“Speaking of racism in American society, you know, I wanted to ask you, coach, about Joe Rogan, who is now apologizing after these videos have surfaced of him using the N-word multiple times on his podcast.

“I’m just curious if you’ve heard about this. What are your thoughts on all of this?”

“Do you think Joe Rogan should be able to stay on Spotify, where his podcast is carried on that platform?”

Jackson said:

“No. It’s terrible. It is no different than what’s happening in society today, and obviously the National Football League is showing itself the same way.

“And it’s just disappointing that, like I said here in 2022, we’re having these kind of conversations.

“I just like for people to be held accountable for what they say they do, and if they don’t do it – right’s right, and wrong is wrong.”