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Biden Turns Heads Across The Nation In Latest Appearance – Joe Reminisces About Eating Lunch With Segregationists, Shuffles Away

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You’d think Joe Biden’s handlers would be keeping him out of sight. Especially after the disaster that was his press conference from last month. But, this guy’s the “president,” after all. And he eventually has to show up and pretend like he knows what’s going on. That is doubly true in a year where most of his party is up for reelection.

Biden made a few appearances this week. They were typical events a president shows up at, makes a few remarks, and shakes some hands. But nothing is typical with Biden. At one point, he gave a rambling story about having lunch with “segregationists.”

From YouTube:

President Joe Biden reminisced of the days when you could have lunch with segregationists and still “respect” each other, during his remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast at the US Capitol in Washington, DC on 2/3/2022.

That video’s troubling enough as it is. But it was topped by a viral clip going around this week. Biden had finished making remarks and was being escorted by Jill Biden. It… did not look good.

From Twitter:

So much strength here

Our enemies must be trembling…

Geez. What on earth is going on? In the first video, Biden is trying to make a point about getting along with people who hold a different opinion. Not a convincing statement, when he and his party continue to slander conservatives and attack people who don’t comply with his mandates.

It doesn’t help his point when he admits he had lunch with actual “segregationists.” Maybe you should have picked another group, Joe? Even worse was the total lack of energy and conviction coming from the man. Is it just me or did it sound like he was slurring his words?

But the worse was yet to come, in the video of him leaving the podium. Does that look like a strong, confident leader who has all his faculties? Or someone that should be in a nursing home? My goodness, even my grandma was more confident walking after her hip surgery.

And people think this guy’s going to run again in 2024? I’m scared he won’t be around by 2024—and that’s not a joke.

What’s even more galling is the fact that Democrats continue to pretend like this guy is okay. If Trump had exhibited even a fraction of Biden’s mental decline, they would have booted him.

Even Republicans would have been on board with that. (Remember when they made a big deal of him walking down that ramp? That was nothing compared to this.)

Democrats and the media really expect us to look at videos like this and think everything’s okay. Well, everything’s not okay. Our only hope is to get people into Congress that will demand answers.

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