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After Pelosi’s Capitol Police Accused Of Spying On Republicans – Inspector General Launches Investigation

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In a shocking move of government overreach, we learned not long ago that Nancy Pelosi may have been spying on Republican congressmen. She actually sent Capitol Police to offices across the country to “monitor” the activity of duly-elected House members. Keep in mind, Capitol Police only have jurisdiction over… you guessed it, the Capitol.

But paranoid and power-hungry Pelosi seemed to think she could get away with this, by claiming these Republicans were meeting with “foreign interests.”

(The same as every other member of Congress.)

When word of this came out, we didn’t expect to see such intense backlash. But it appears Americans considered this a violation of these Republicans’ rights. Not to mention something far too similar to something out of 1984. Now, with Americans outraged, the IG had no choice but to investigate.

From The Federalist:

The inspector general for the U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) has opened a formal investigation into whether the law enforcement agency tasked with securing the Capitol has been inappropriately surveilling elected members of Congress, their staff, and visitors to their offices… The opening of the investigation follows news reports and accusations from lawmakers that USCP has overstepped its bounds as it tries to recover from the January 6 riots that tarnished both the Capitol and the reputation of the law enforcement agency that was supposed to keep it safe.

After word broke that Capitol Police were spying on members of Congress, the IG opened an investigation. That’s a good start. But much more needs to be done to uncover Pelosi’s mad grab for power. Perhaps other agencies, beyond the USCP, should be looking into this egregious situation. I’m thinking the DOJ should be involved in this, and Congress should be demanding answers.

We know that Pelosi is getting desperate. She is looking at a midterm election cycle that is sure to knock her out of power. Americans are fed up with how Democrats are running this country. And signs point to a massive red wave that will flip the House and perhaps even the Senate. Pelosi, faced with no options to save her bacon, has been trying to dig up dirt on her rivals.

That’s what her “J6” commission has been all about. Exposed for not doing her job to secure the Capitol, she is trying to deflect by framing Republicans as the villains. These investigations are seeming attempts to find dirt on congressmen, to tarnish their chances at reelection. Worse than that, they appear to be violations of their constitutional rights.

We can’t predict what the IG’s investigation will find. But the American people deserve answers. And we better get them.

Source: The Federalist