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BREAKING ALERT: J&J Quietly Stops Production Of Their COVID Vaccine- If You Got Their Vaccine- Here’s What You Need To Know

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Johnson & Johnson has quietly stopped the production of its COVID-19 “vaccine.” The pause in production is reportedly ‘temporary’.

The one plant that was producing the vaccine in the Dutch city of Leiden has apparently shifted its focus to producing a potentially more profitable vaccine for an unrelated virus, according to a report by RT. So what comes next? Amidst a push for every human on earth to take a shot of this sludge, J&J decides to quietly switch its focus to a different “vaccine” for a different virus?

It’s unclear if the production pause has affected the availability of the single-jab COVID vaccine, as the company already has a stockpile of doses. However, one person familiar with the situation says the suspension could mean a reduction in output of a few hundred million doses. The plant is expected to produce more COVID-19 shots after a few months’ break.

Other facilities are awaiting regulatory approval or to actually be up and running to produce the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, according to a New York Times report.  The company reported $2.39 billion in sales from the COVID jab for 2021 and has forecast an increase to $3.5 billion for 2022.

The mainstream media is blasting this as it calls for all people to bow down to their rulers and submit to these injections. Looking deeper, is there another reason why J&J would want to focus on a “more profitable” “vaccine” when the ruling class is already trying to make absolutely certain everyone is injected with the “vaccine” they are already creating?

What is the “unrelated virus” J&J insists will be “more profitable” than the one for COVID-19? With all of the propaganda push to get these shots, what could possibly be more profitable? Looking deep into the New York Times article, we can find the answer:

Since the production of the COVID vaccine was halted late last year, the Netherlands plant has been manufacturing an experimental vaccine against respiratory syncytial virus, or R.S.V., that will be used for a clinical trial in older adults in wealthy countries, a person familiar with the matter said. Even if it proves effective, the vaccine is not expected to become available for several years. New York Times

But still, if this RSV vaccine won’t be available for several years, why stop making the one the ruling class is trying to force on everyone for this one? Something doesn’t pass the sniff test with this one.