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Nevada County Overrules Dems, Gives Trump Rare Honor By Naming Justice Complex After Him

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A rural Nevada county overruled Dem opposition and gave former President Donald Trump a rare honor and renamed its justice complex after the 45th President of the United States.

Lyon County Manager Jeff Page says around 50 people attended the formal dedication of the Donald J. Trump Justice Complex in Yerington on Saturday. The complex opened in 2013. It houses the sheriff’s office, jail, Third Judicial District Court and Walker River Justice Court.

The county originally planned to rename a road in Dayton after Trump but had to nix that plan because some residents would have had to go through the hassle of changing their address.

The commissioners approved the new name for the justice complex on a 3-2 vote in August. But not everyone is happy and there is a movement in the county to pass a resolution that would change the procedures for naming new buildings.

The Lyon County Commission discussed a resolution last week that could result in changes in procedures for naming county buildings, parks and other facilities in the future making it more difficult. But Page made clear that any changes in the future will not impact the new Trump justice complex.

Because of the potential new resolution on how the county names buildings, one proposed rule is to require a supermajority to name a building after someone and not just a majority, many media outlets ran a story saying the county was going to take Trump’s name off the complex.

But the county rebuked them in a statement saying Trump’s name is staying where it is. The county issued a statement that said:

“The Associated Press and other news outlets have mistakenly reported that Lyon County is considering rescinding the naming of the Donald J. Trump Justice Complex. 

“The Lyon County Board of Commissioners has not sought an agenda item for this. February 4, 2022 the County Managers Office issued a media release explaining that the Board of Commissioners were asked to take action on a resolution that provided policy and direction for naming buildings, parks, etc. 

“The resolution was requested by Commissioner Rob Jacobson after the Donald. J. Trump Justice Complex action item was approved in August 2021. Commissioner Jacobson was seeking clear direction for the future. 

“The Board agreed with the resolution concept but requested clarifications. Commissioner Henderson requested staff to determine if the policy could require a super-majority vote (4/5) instead of a simple majority (3/2). 

“Commissioner Keller requested clearer language on the role of citizen advisory boards as well as public input.

“This resolution has nothing to do with renaming the Donald J. Trump Justice Complex,” the statement said.