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Army Report Leaves Biden’s White House In Shambles – Commanders Claim An “Unprepared” Biden Put Troops in Danger

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2021 was a rough year for President Joe Biden, if the polls and surveys are any indication. Biden seemed to face one crisis after another, beginning with the border crisis and ending with rampant inflation.

But according to many critics, one of the administration’s biggest failures happened in the middle part of the year. And that issue could continue to haunt Biden throughout his term.

This new Army report could only further damage the President’s reputation, too.

That’s backed up by this massive 2,000-page report, which began after the August 26 suicide bombing outside the Kabul airport.

And it’s this report that brings Afghanistan back into the political limelight, and puts President Biden in a very difficult position — again.

Via The Daily Caller:

An Army investigative report obtained by The Washington Post details how senior officials from the White House and State Department failed to comprehend how quickly the Taliban was taking over Afghanistan.

The report also detailed how American troops on the ground in Afghanistan faced increased danger as a result of decision-making from top brass.

The report is full of complaints and criticism, which the White House can’t take lightly.

For example, Navy Rear Adm. Peter Vasely, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan during the evacuation, complained to investigators that the big-wigs in Washington weren’t “paying attention to reality.”

He claimed the military could’ve been “much better prepared to conduct a more orderly mission,” if policy makers had understood more about the situation.

Vasely also said the Taliban had always been determined to take over Afghanistan, and the U.S. was simply ignoring this possibility. Worse, when it did happen, there was “absolutely no sense of urgency.”

Since it all happened, the Biden administration has vehemently defended the withdrawal.

They did admit that Kabul fell faster than they expected, which impacted their readiness for the evacuation. But the entire process was hindered from the start, according to certain military officials.

One unnamed Marine general described any efforts to discuss the evacuation as “pulling teeth.” Added one official:

The embassy needed to position for withdrawal, and the Ambassador didn’t get it.

U.S. forces managed to evacuate 124,000 people before August 31, but reports quickly came in that thousands were left behind. There were also reports of military equipment left behind for the Taliban.

The chaotic nature of the entire mess is coming to light now, and it’s showing that American troops were in far more danger than they should’ve been.

Key Takeaways:

  • A 2,000-page Army report evidently shows the White House was extremely “unprepared” for the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.
  • This resulted in a chaotic evacuation process, which many military officials claim was seriously botched.
  • This reportedly resulted in American troops being placed in unnecessary danger, as some say the U.S. government missed its chance to “conduct a more orderly mission.”

Source: The Daily Caller