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GOP May Impeach Barack Obama Over Durham Allegation According To George W Bush’s Ex Speechwriter

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Failed neocon and former speechwriter for George W. Bush put former President Barack Obama on notice saying the GOP, after they take the House in the midterms, may impeach Barack and not Joe Biden over the bombshell filing from Special Prosecutor John Durham.

Durham made an extraordinary claim that tech companies doing work maintaining the DNS system (The Domain Name System (DNS) is the Internet’s system for mapping alphabetic names to numeric Internet Protocol (IP) addresses like a phone book maps a person’s name to a phone number. For example, when a Web address (URL) is typed into a browser, a DNS query is made to learn an IP address of a Web server associated with that name) were also trying to find dirt on Trump.

The left says this is not a big deal, just part of the job to maintain the system while Durham goes out of his way to say the tech executive exploited his access to try to find dirt on Trump. No charges have been filed so Durham does not think it was a crime, yet, but it is clear he thinks something shady went down.

Enter David Frum, the man who helped start the Iraq war:

“It’s a very good bet than *an* impeachment is coming if GOP wins the House. But whom? In 2021, some legal experts argued that a former president can be impeached. At the time, most GOPers rejected this theory.

“If they win the House, they may rediscover it and go after former President Obama on some theory based on some of the allegations rolled out by John Durham.

“An Obama impeachment would be much more exciting to GOP small-donor base – and much more lucrative to the large industry that fundraises from that base.”

He reposted a statement from Don Trump Jr with the caption:

“See what I mean? Impeaching “Sleepy Joe” in 2023 wouldn’t fire up the pro-Trump neurotransmitters – or open pro-Trump wallets – in the way that a retrospective attack on Obama would.”

Frum linked to an article that said:

“The Constitution gives the House the “sole Power of Impeachment.” It gives the Senate the “sole Power to try all Impeachments.” The House cannot prosecute its impeachment before some other, more friendly body than the Senate, and the Senate cannot initiate its own impeachment process. 

“The Constitution does not specify the scope of the impeachment power, except to delineate the types of charges that can be the basis for an impeachment, limit the types of punishments the Senate can impose on the convicted, and direct that certain officers “shall be removed from office” upon impeachment and conviction.

“So it seems important to know what this “power of impeachment” is that has been vested in the House. The founders borrowed this power from British parliamentary practice and state constitutional practice, which does not suggest that the “power of impeachment” was intrinsically limited to incumbent officers.

“Quite the contrary, in fact: British practice indicates that the “power of impeachment” is the power to lodge formal allegations that an individual engaged in misconduct while holding a governmental office. Impeachments of former officers were both known and explicitly textually allowed. The framers did not discuss the matter one way or another, but they could easily have understood that the “power of impeachment” implicitly includes a jurisdiction over former officials.

“The text is at best vague and at worst includes former officers. And if the House can impeach them, then the Senate can try them, because the Senate has the power “to try all impeachments.”