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Pelosi Double-Crossed By Democrat Challenger – He Declares ‘War’ On His Own Party’s “Unacceptable Corruption”

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Nancy Pelosi has been keeping the progressives at bay for years. But it seems like she’s fighting a losing battle. Fearing she’d be another casualty to far-left candidates stealing established Dems seats in the House, she has pushed more and more extreme policies. She even impeached a president over a phone call, in a pathetic attempt at pandering to the left.

But all her hard work at ignoring Americans to appease the radicals seems to be failing. She is set to lose the House—as a red wave gives Republicans the majority. Pelosi was going to retire, but the lure of power was too much for her. Now, she has to deal with a challenger back at home, calling out her corruption.

From Daily Caller:

Democratic California House candidate Shahid Buttar ripped House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in an interview with SFGATE, pledging to end her reign at the top of the Democratic Party and accusing the party of corruption.

“I want to end the Pelosi dynasty, and if I’m unsuccessful in doing it in this race, I will be very eager to end the dynasty at whatever point I can,” Buttar told SFGATE.

All that effort trying to keep the progressives from her door, and Pelosi still faces a primary rival. Shahid Buttar is a self-proclaimed activist for every radical cause you can think of. He’s the poster child for the kind of granola-crunching nonsense coming out of San Francisco. And he’s eager to “destroy” Pelosi’s legacy no matter what.

He tried to unseat her back in 2020 but garnered only 22.4% of the vote. But he’s back, hoping for another chance to become the next AOC—a renegade progressive whose radical policies will unseat the old guard, but still sink the party. And while he failed two years ago, keep in mind just how badly Pelosi has performed over the last year.

Buttar might gain traction in this election cycle.

While this progressive appears to represent the very worst of “woke” socialism, he’s right about a few things. He’s not afraid of calling out Pelosi’s track record of corruption. He’s even said the party tried to use “every kind of lie you could imagine,” to keep him down, including racial and religious stereotypes.

Now, that can’t be. I thought Democrats were above that kind of bigotry. Not when it comes to protecting their power.

We’ll see if Buttar is able to unseat old Nance.

Source: Daily Caller