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After Canada PM Uses Emergency Powers Against Truckers – The Convoy Responds With ‘Laughter,’ Then Grows More

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The corrupt establishment in two countries is waging a war against a group of plucky truck drivers. The Canadian Freedom Convoy is fighting against PM Trudeau’s abusive mandates. The man has refused to meet with the movement’s leaders—instead, he has given himself “emergency powers” to end the protest.

Of course, Sleepy Joe is supporting this crackdown of freedom. But has this done anything to deter the movement? Not according to its organizers.

From Fox News:

Freedom Convoy spokesman Benjamin Dichter commented on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoking emergency powers to squelch the blockade protest…

[Trudeau] said in his press conference that he’s not going to call in the military, and we were all laughing because our response was, “Yeah, you tried that last week and the military said, ‘Thanks, but no thanks – this is not in within our purview.’” And many of us have families in military and policing, and that’s how we found out. So you know what they say? A general without an army is a fool. Justin Trudeau just hasn’t realized that yet.

And some say the movement is only growing, thanks to Trudeau.

It seems very odd that Canada’s Trudeau so quickly rejected this Freedom Convoy. Not once did he seem interested in hearing their concerns. He immediately wrote them off as a “fringe group.” And he doubled down with his attacks later, calling them “racist” and “anti-science.” But the movement is supported by millions around the world, as evidenced by two crowdfunding campaigns that raised serious dollars.

Trudeau’s response has been to invoke “emergency powers” to get rid of the convoy. Dang, man, how about you first sit down and hear them out? How can a leader mobilize forces to get rid of a group, without hearing the first? Because this is par for the course for the liberal establishment around the world. Since 2020, they have tried to grab more power for themselves.

They seem less concerned with things like liberty and justice and more concerned with securing their power for years to come. There was no reason Trudeau couldn’t listen to these protesters. Instead, he is declaring war on them, forcing towing companies to move the trucks away. If they won’t comply, Trudeau might call in the military.

But Dichter, spokesman for the convoy, says they are laughing at Trudeau. They know for a fact that he tried to get the military to move the convoy last week. But the military refused, saying that wasn’t their job. Even with his precious “emergency powers,” the military still might not comply, given that their families are out in the convoy.

You’d think Trudeau would wise up and do the right thing by now.

Source: Fox NewsYouTube