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Clinton Investigation Gets A Nitro Boost – Source Says More Witnesses Are Quickly Coming Before a Grand Jury

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The investigation into former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has taken center-stage this week, as Special Counsel John Durham’s probe has revealed some explosive findings.

Recent court filings involve former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman, and the allegation that he lied to a federal agent.

There’s also more evidence to support the allegation that Clinton’s campaign hired an internet company to “infiltrate” Trump Tower, in an effort to link Trump to a Russian bank.

And now we’re learning that the investigation is really kicking into overdrive.

An inside source told Fox News that Durham’s probe is moving quickly. On top of that, it’s done “very professionally,” as witness information and other details are almost never leaked to the public.

This would be in contrast to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, which certainly resulted in more leaks to the press and public awareness.

However, this also means that citizens have more questions concerning Durham’s efforts. When court filings come out of nowhere, as they did earlier this week, everyone is going to stand and take notice.

That’s where the source comes in — and he assures everyone that this investigation is starting to roll.

Via Fox News:

Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation has ‘accelerated,’ and more people are ‘cooperating’ and coming before the federal grand jury than has previously been reported, a source familiar with the probe told Fox News.

The source added that “Durham does this right and keeps it secret.” However, details will definitely start arriving in the coming months, if the source’s update is any indication.

The January 25 filing says Durham’s office has handed over “transcripts of sworn grand jury testimony” from several witnesses to Sussman’s team.

Durham doesn’t include names but he does list their job titles, or the title given to them by the special counsel’s office.

On that list is “the above-referenced former FBI General Counsel,” which might refer to James Baker. He was general counsel between 2014 and 2018, and we know he’d been called to testify.

And in the February 11 filing, it says this “FBI General Counsel” will probably be a “central witness at trial.”

The witnesses and evidence appears to be mounting, and this could spell real trouble for Hillary Clinton and her team. For years, they’ve all maintained their innocence, and Sussman has plead not guilty.

Most Democrat leaders mocked former President Donald Trump for his “wild” claims about Clinton’s campaign fabricating a collusion hoax.

But the Durham investigation has made some hefty strides, and it’s starting to sound like Trump’s claims do hold water. And if they do, we could be in for some very high-profile court cases soon.

Key Takeaways:

  • An inside source says the Durham investigation is “very professional” and moving quickly.
  • More witnesses are reportedly “cooperating” and coming before a grand jury.
  • An FBI general counsel could be one of Durham’s key witnesses, and more evidence and details are apparently being kept under wraps.

Source: Fox News