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After Biden Orders Trump’s Files Released – ‘The Donald’ Demands Immediate Declassification of Russia Records

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Things are looking bad for Democrats this November. It could be why they are scrambling to make something of their bogus “J6” commission. Pelosi has so far uncovered nothing to suggest Trump did anything wrong. So, Biden appears to be trying to help them out—and also distract from the bombshell news that Clinton spied on the Trump White House.

From The Hill:

[Joe] Biden is rejecting former President Trump’s claim of executive privilege over Trump-era White House visitor logs, ordering the National Archives to turn the documents over to the congressional panel investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Biden seems to think these visitor logs are going to prove something. Not likely. But since we’re going around releasing documents, why not the rest of the ones that expose the Democrats’ agenda? And that’s just what Trump is thinking.

From Fox News:

Former President Trump, during an exclusive interview with Fox News, said the Justice Department should “absolutely” declassify remaining records related to the original Trump-Russia probe, “especially in light” of Special Counsel John Durham’s latest filing.

It appears Democrats are trying to come up with a strategy to counter the bombshell news that came out this week. John Durham revealed that Hillary Clinton hired a firm to spy on Trump’s campaign—and later, his White House. That is damning news, no matter who you are. And Democrats don’t have anything to counter it.

So, it’s possible Biden—grasping at straws—is pushing to release these visitor logs in an attempt to distract from this recent news. Pelosi’s commission hasn’t come up with any “smoking gun.” Their claims that Trump was behind the J6 events don’t seem to be backed with evidence. What will those visitor logs prove?

But as Biden is trying to find an angle to protect Clinton (and probably other Democrats as well), Trump is calling for the rest of the Russiagate filed to be released. Trump, while in office, ordered the DOJ to declassify those documents. That order is still in place, according to Trump. With what came out this week about Clinton, there are probably many Americans eager to learn more.

We’ve learned quite a bit about how Obama’s FBI and Clinton’s campaign tried to paint Trump as some kind of Russian operative. But there is probably much more about this conspiracy than we know. Shouldn’t those involved be held accountable? This stuff happened while Biden was vice president. Do we think he wasn’t in the know?

Biden might try to resist as much as he can. But it doesn’t seem like he can stop this dam from breaking.

Source: Fox NewsThe Hill