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Reporter Busts Joy Behar New York City Restaurant Breaking Vow, Goes Public With Pics That Show Joy’s A Hypocrite

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The View host Joy Behar made news last week for showboating around her virtues claiming, as virus cases drop and states and cities relax restrictions, that she may wear a mask indefinitely. The left loves to virtue signal, usually with empty words, so it is always important to watch what they do and not what they say.

And Joy got busted in New York City by a reporter days after she so piously announced her intentions without a mask in a Manhattan restaurant. Hypocrite much? You can see the reporter’s pictures below and judge for yourself. Joy said on The View:

“Personally, I listen to the little voice in my head that doesn’t really follow 100 percent what they tell me because they keep changing it. So if I go on the subway, if I go in a bus, if I go into the theater a crowded place, I would wear a mask, and I might do that indefinitely.

“Why do I need the flu or a cold even? And so I’m listening to myself right now. I don’t think it’s 100% safe yet.”

Libby Emmons, a reporter for the Post Millennial, caught Joy being a hypocrite and posted pictures of her with the caption:

“Joy Behar said she was going to mask in public places “indefinitely” because it’s just not safe. Except for last night out at this restaurant, apparently. 

“I hear that she also walked out of the restaurant unmasked, though her companions dutifully donned theirs.”

Last week, New York Governor Kathy Hochul dropped the state’s indoor mask mandate as other states start to loosen restrictions as cases fall across the country. 

From The Daily Mail:

People briefed on the matter told The New York Times that Hochul will let the mandate lapse as other Democratic-led states like New Jersey, California, Connecticut, Delaware and Oregon have announced an end to similar mandates.

The wave of blue states have started to drop their mask mandates while President Joe Biden and the White House are facing more pressure to look towards getting back to normal.

On Wednesday, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky said that the  agency would ‘soon put guidance in place’ on mask-wearing that will be based on science and data, the New York Post reported. 

Currently the agency advises Americans to mask-up in indoor public places if they ‘are in an area of substantial or high transmission.’ 

According to the CDC, the average of daily new COVID cases has decreased 42.8 percent in the week from February 9.