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Jen Psaki Gives Up Game, Says Binge Watching ‘West Wing’ Inspired Her To Politics: “There are lots of Sam Seaborns wandering around here

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The White House press secretary gave up the game to the American people who now understand why Biden has been such a debacle. Jen Psaki said during a recent appearance on Rob Lowe’s “Literally!” podcast that she was inspired to return to politics after binge-watching the television show “The West Wing.”

This explains everything. Because Biden’s actions have defied reality and common sense. They all are play-acting for the cameras. She said: “I’m working at this consulting firm and I started watching ‘The West Wing.’ And I don’t know what prompted me to watch it, but I binged the entire thing.”

She added she was “exhausted” by the work on Obama’s campaign and at the White House but thanks to the power of a fake televsion show she jumped back in the game. She said:

“In a crazy way, the show really brought me back to come back to politics and I ended up coming back and doing the 2012 campaign, and traveling with then-President Obama on his reelection.

“So I was basically gone for like six months, and then I thought to myself, ‘I’ve got to go back. I’ve got to go back.’”

“That character was so inspiring because that idealism that Sam Seaborn had, that you embodied for many years, it’s kind of what the best of Washington is,” Psaki added.

“I get to work with all of these people who are a part of the press team and are earlier in their careers than I am,” Psaki said of her younger colleagues, “who have that idealism that is like bursting out of their pores that makes me want to be here every day. It’s an amazing part. There are lots of Sam Seaborns wandering around here.”

Lowe, who starred as fictional White House deputy communications director Sam Seaborn on the show said, “When you’re up there getting grilled by Peter Doocy, you’re thinking, ‘Goddamn Rob Lowe’s the one who put me up here. Aaron Sorkin, and Rob Lowe and “The West Wing.”‘ ”

“All your fault,” Psaki said.

And we are all seeing the results of the fantasy land thinking coming from Joe Biden’s administration. They botched Kabul because they live in a fantasy world where they are never wrong. They botched the COVID tests, the economy, and the border for the same reason. 

This would be all fine if Biden and his team were consultants. But they are not and their incompetence led to a real-world tragedy in Afghanistan. Their bungling of the economy led to inflation everyone saw coming but them.

And they still want to spend more but Manchin won’t let the probably because they saw on TV that was the solution.

There is another obvious thing happening now they are missing to the detriment of the nation. Possible daylight between China and Russia over Ukraine.

Jack Posobiec explained today On Steve Bannon’s podcast:

“But, go look at China. China has not supported this move. This idea, this talk of some grand alliance between China and Russia, it’s actually not true. Because think about it: China can’t support what Russia is doing in Donbas because it’s completely at odds with their stance on Taiwan. 

“So if you actually look at this from their perspective, what do they support? They say they support territorial integrity? That’s the exact thing that Putin is saying doesn’t exist when it comes to these regions.

“So you’ve actually got a fissure point between Russia and China right now, but Blinken and the people in this White House, the neurotic millennials like Jen Psaki, who were going around watching The West Wing. 

“By the way, she mentioned, that you – it was rewatching The West Wing that made her want to get back into politics. 

“They don’t even understand that you’ve gotten an opportunity right now to blow a hole in the alliance between Russia and China and they won’t even take it.”