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Kamala Crashes And Burns In Europe Peace Talks – She Contradicts Herself, Then Admits Americans Will Pay More In Energy Prices

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Why, oh why, did the White House send Kamala Harris to handle the crisis in Europe? If they are to be believed, Russia is only days away from invading Ukraine. That is a serious situation. Lives could be lost. Europe could face conflict. So, why did we send someone with a bad track record to handle this?

Harris tried to sound tough against Russia. But, thanks to Biden, she had little to threaten Putin with. Biden has promised not to use military force, even if Russia invades our ally. Thanks okay, because Harris claims economic sanctions will be enough. Even after she promises Russia will invade no matter what.

From Fox News:

Vice President Kamala Harris on Sunday said she believes sanctions on Russia would absolutely deter President Vladimir Putin, despite she and President Biden saying that he has already made up his mind on a potential invasion.

Hard to believe those sanctions will work, when Harris claims Russia will invade. Then she goes on to say something even more confusing.

From Twitter:

“Can you explain to Americans what exactly they will face” if Putin invades Ukraine?

HARRIS: “When America stands for her principles and all of the things we hold dear, um, it requires sometimes for us to put ourselves out there in a way that, maybe, we will incur some costs.”

Um… what? Harris said that Americans will “incur some energy costs” over this conflict with Ukraine and Russia. Do you mean, more than the staggeringly high energy costs we’re dealing with, thanks to your failed administration? Thanks to Joe Biden’s radical “green” policy, American energy production has come to a standstill.

It’s already hurting millions of Americans who are struggling to survive. But now, Harris is promising that their weak-willed approach to Russia will only result in Americans getting hurt. Presumably, because those sanctions will deprive us of oil from Europe and Russia.

And on top of that, she already admitted these sanctions won’t help, since she claims Putin has already made up his mind.

So, try to keep up, Biden will hit Russia with sanctions he knows will not work, which will only end up forcing Americans to pay more for energy.

Am I taking crazy pills or is Biden? Once again, Biden’s policy is aimed at hurting Americans and enriching outsiders. We get the brunt of Biden’s poor decisions—while Russia gets off scot-free. It almost seems like Biden wants to hurt Americans. After all, his decision won’t help Ukraine but will hurt us.

Key Takeaways:

  • Harris admits sanctions on Russia will do nothing since Putin has already made up his mind.
  • She claims that these sanctions will force Americans to “incur some energy costs.”
  • Biden’s policies have already hurt Americans, with skyrocketing energy prices.

Source: Fox NewsTwitter