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Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter And Steve Jobs’ Son ‘Jockeying’ To Replace Nancy In Congress If She Retires: Report

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Theodore Schleifer, a reporter for Puck News, broke the story about the battle for Nancy Pelosi’s seat in Congress. He claimed there is jockeying behind the scenes to replace Pelosi, who most expect to step down when the GOP takes the House in the midterms.

Pelosi publicly said she is running for re-election after rumors were swirling she would hang it up ahead of a Dem wipeout. But what Pelosi has not said is what she will do after she wins and the GOP takes the House. The old guard in the Dem Party is retiring rather than face life in the minority. It is hard to believe Pelosi would stick around in that situation so many think she will step down in the new Congress.

She may also try to time her retirement in a way that allows her to pick her replacement. In that case, it is very interesting that her daughter, Christine, is said to be jockeying for her seat behind the scenes.

Schleifer wrote “Inside her hometown of San Francisco, the race is viewed as essentially a two-person contest between moderate Scott Weiner, the city’s state senator, and more-progressive Christine Pelosi, a longtime Democratic organizer and middle daughter of the city’s royal family.”

But now Schleifer is reporting Christine may have a well-funded challenger with a name as famous as her.  He wrote,

“More recently, however, another dynastic name has come up in those conversations, and it is one that deeply intrigues me for symbolic reasons:

“Reed Jobs, the eldest son of Laurene Powell Jobs and, of course, the late Steve Jobs. Reed manages the health investments of Emerson Collective, his family’s hybrid family office, philanthropy and political advocacy shop.”

He adds that Reed Jobs is focussing his family money on finding a cure for cancer and his ‘family’s nascent climate foundation.’

But he loves politics. Schleifer continues

“But the 30-year-old Jobs also loves politics, and he has long told people that he is definitely interested in running for something down the line, according to people who have talked with him.

“Sometimes, he has brought up Pelosi’s congressional seat, in particular. One person who has talked politics with him said Reed, as late as early last year, told them that he would strongly consider running for the seat after Pelosi retired.”

Nancy Pelosi is the daughter of an old-school Baltimore Dem machine politician so you can be sure she will try to get her daughter into that seat if she still has any influence after the red wave of 2022.