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BREAKING: Every Resident Will Be FORCED To Be Tested For COVID-19 In THIS State

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Every single one of Hong Kong’s residents will be forced to get tested for COVID-19. Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced on Tuesday that the region is trying to tackle a spike in cases due to Omicron and will make all 7.5 million residents take a COVID-19 test.

The massive undertaking will take “about seven days,” Lam said, with approximately one million people a day being tested. Throughout the month, the population will be tested three times, she added, according to a report by RT. Lam said Hong Kong will resort to forced testing instead of locking down the population.

She added that the central Chinese government is not behind the latest Covid strategy in Hong Kong, but “will offer support as needed or upon our request.” She thanked them for their “staunch support” while promoting her dynamic “zero Covid-19” strategy, aimed at eradicating the virus completely.

Other measures in place in Hong Kong to battle the virus include a ban on evening dining and the shuttering of businesses like gyms, bars, and beauty salons being extended to April 20, as well as bans on flights from countries considered high risks, such as Australia, Canada, and the US. The school year will also end early, with summer holidays being brought forward to March and April so education facilities can be used as testing and isolation sites.  –RT

“This is not good news to the sectors affected, but really at this stage of the pandemic we have no choice but to take these measures,” Lam said, adding that she hopes to raise Hong Kong’s vaccination rate to 90%, from its current 86%, next month.  The rulers still continue to make excuses for their tyranny. They have no choice? Oh, they have plenty of choices, they just can’t stand it when people are free.

The rulers never want a “good crisis to go to waste.” So why start now? They need us to be afraid of a constant myriad of COVID variants so when they release the “real one”, they can tell us “see? We told you so. Now hand over your freedom in exchange for your safety.”

People in Hong Kong are forced by the state to enter into a concentration camp quarantine in order to prevent the spread of the common cold omicron.

From MAC SLAVO at SHTFplan.com

*If you have any concerns about COVID please consult medical professionals.