unique visitors counter Whoopi Goldberg Is ‘Untouchable’ At The View After Ratings Fell During Suspension, “She’s strutting around the place, she’s peacocking”: Report – Washington News

Whoopi Goldberg Is ‘Untouchable’ At The View After Ratings Fell During Suspension, “She’s strutting around the place, she’s peacocking”: Report

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Whoopi Goldberg is growing more powerful at “The View” despite her week-and-a-half suspension because while she was gone the show saw its ratings tank. So according to sources who spoke to The New York Post Whoopi is emboldened and ‘untouchable.’

The source said Whoopi watched the ratings go down without her and returned to the show with a wide grin that grew bigger as the show’s ratings rebounded with her back on the air.

“With Whoopi out from the show on suspension, the ratings dropped to the lowest in total viewers and key demos of the season,” the source said. “At the end of the day, TV is a business. The only thing that really matters is ratings.”

 “She’s strutting around the place,” the source added. “She’s peacocking.”

“It turns out that getting kicked off the show was the best thing that happened to her,” the source said.

“Now she is more powerful than ever and has the receipts to prove it.”

“Whoopi is untouchable. She’s the queen bee,” the source said.

During the week Goldberg was suspended “The View” lost 283,000 viewers. The show also hit a season-low among women aged 18-49 and among women aged 25-54.

In Goldberg’s first week back, however, “The View” added 113,000 viewers. This marked the biggest week-to-week gain for any daytime broadcast series. 

Whoopi’s return did not get the show back to pre-suspension ratings so the jury is still out.

Whoopi signed a new multi-year deal in September 2021. But she may not get to keep it all as she may be paying Kyle Rittenhouse millions because he is planning to sue her.

Kyle said: “I don’t want to see anybody else have to deal with what I went through. So I want to hold them accountable for what they did to me because I don’t want to see anybody have to go through what I went through.

“Well, right now, we’re looking at quite a few politicians, celebrities, athletes, Whoopi Goldberg’s on the list.

“She called me a ‘murderer’ after I was acquitted by a jury of my peers. She went on to still say that.” 

Whoopi said when she returned to The View:

“There’s something kind of marvelous about being on a show like this because we are The View and this is what we do.

“Sometimes we don’t do it as elegantly as we could. It’s five minutes to get in important information about topics. That’s what we try to do every day.

“We’re going to keep having tough conversations. And in part, because this is what we’ve been hired to do. 

“And it’s not always pretty, as I said, and it is not always as other people would like to hear.

“But it is an honor to sit at this table and be able to have these conversations because they’re important. 

“They’re important to us as a nation and to us more so as a human entity. I listened to everything everybody had to say and I was very grateful, and I hope it keeps important conversations happening.”