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BIG PHARMA and politicians got filthy rich off of COVID and the more jabs people take the more money they make.

These people are pushing for infants to take this experimental drug even as more evidence continues to come out exposing the harmful side effects caused by the experimental drug they continue to push and push for people to get 2,3,4 and probably an infinite amount of boosters regardless of the facts.

Check out this bombshell from Mac Slavo at SHTFplan.com:

An analysis of figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) database revealed that 61,000 people, supposedly in the prime of their life, ages 25-44, died of vaccine-related causes in the U.S. in the fall and winter of 2021.

According to Edward Dowd, who is a former BlackRock portfolio manager, an investment adviser on Wall Street, and an insurance industry expert, the statistic was uncovered accidentally.  Dowd and part of his team stumbled upon the buried truth when, looking for something else, he broke down the CDC figures by age and created his own baseline death rates from there.

“Basically, you see that millennials experienced 84 percent excess death in the fall and winter of 2021. So excess deaths accelerated when mandates and boosters hit,” Dowd told Alex Jones. “And this age group is important because they’re healthy. And you can’t say that they, you know, miss their cancer screenings. This is ages 25 to 44. So this is just devastating evidence that the vaccines are causing this age group to die at an accelerating rate.”

“I know I showed percentages in that chart, but the actual bodies are 61,000. That’s the Vietnam War event that just occurred to the millennial generation – 58,000 died in the Vietnam War,” he added.

Dowd believes the vaccines are to blame because of the timing of the government’s mandates. “And then [President Joe] Biden came out [announcing the mandates]. And boosters were also authorized and started happening. So let’s call this what it is. This is death by government mandate or democide, death by government. That’s what’s going on here.”

Dowd is not the only one to notice deaths are excessive in the age of the “vaccines.”

“Well, there’s two ways to look at this. Just good old-fashioned power and greed, or there was a plan hatched by some very evil people. I’m going with power and greed for now. But you know, as we roll through this very active fraud, it’s being exposed. There’s more and more evidence coming to the front that this is part of some sort of bigger grand plan.” –Edward Dowd

Dowd and his team are going to work hard and drop more charts after interpreting all of the CDC’s data, until the true reason why there were more deaths in 2021 than in 2020 is exposed. Citing more figures, Dowd said the over 65 generation saw 306,000 excess deaths in the second half of last year until February. “That is a World War II event,” explained Dowd, noting over 291,000 Americans died in the war. Dowd also pointed out that there are a little over 1.1 million people in excess deaths in the U.S. since the pandemic began, and most are AFTER the vaccines were rolled out.


*For any concerns about COVID and the variants consult medical professionals.