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BOMBSHELL: DOJ’s Lies About Pence & Harris’ Roles In J6 ‘Insurrection’ EXPOSED… This Changes Everything!

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Well, well, well, I hate to say it but it comes as NO surprise that the Department of ‘Justice’ appears to have gotten caught YET AGAIN lying to the world, and most importantly, their bosses, the American people.

The United States’ government has slowly boiled the proverbial frog when it comes to lying to the public. In the last 10 years or so (well, really since their inception) the so called ‘Department of Justice’ and their G-men in the FBI, have burnt their credibility to a crisp.

Now, there is no question that the events of January 6th provide plenty of blame to go around. There are many who are trying to completely absolve those of us on the right out of ANY responsibility for the s*** show that was January 6th. 

Now, while I do not think that the ‘right’ was SOLELY to blame for the travesty that was 1/6, that is not to say that our side had NO blame for the events of that fateful day. There were definitely bad actors from our side that caused plenty of trouble on 1/6.

But the protesters that were arrested have been unjustly held in the D.C. GITMO for over a year.

And some have been sentenced to outrageous amounts of prison time for minor crimes or no crime at all.

HOWEVER, we should have been MUCH SMARTER, we should have seen this coming a mile away. I admit that I was so singularly focused on getting REAL, UNBIASED, investigators to look into the results of the 2020 election, that I missed the fact that the rally on 1/6 was setting up the perfect set of circumstances for the so called ‘Deep State’ to completely demonize Trump supporters and create the story line that we had ‘stormed the Capitol’ and organized an ‘insurrection’.

In hind sight it could not be more clear, we walked right into that trap. We took the bait, hook, line and sinker.

So there is plenty of blame to go around and the more we learn about that day and the players that were involved, NO ONE seems to have escape 1/6 without some dirt under their finger nails. Not the right, not the left and certainly not the United States Government.

The lies that the government told the American people are over the top, way, way, way over the top and they are getting exposed … BIGLY. For instance …

Joe Hoft of The Gateway Pundit reported:


In their false charges against Trump supporters targeted by the DOJ for their actions on Jan 6, the DOJ makes numerous claims. One claim pertinent to the DOJ’s case is that Biden’s VP Kamala Harris and Trump’s VP Pence were located at the Capitol at that time. But is either true?

A mother of one of the attendees of the event who was charged by the DOJ with a felony laid out a number of issues with the government’s case.

A few items noted in an article at TGP is that neither Harris or Pence were at the Capitol during a critical time period as well as other details.

1. Trump

Despite what most people in America have been led to believe, President Trump never told the rally’s attendees to be violent. On the contrary, his exact words were: “PEACEFULLY walk to the Capitol”.

2. Violence

Contrary to the media and DOJ’s narrative, the first known violence was initiated by the Capitol Police when they threw flash bangs and CS tear gas into the peaceful crowd assembled near the Capitol. The protestors were peacefully singing hymns or the National Anthem and waving a variety of flags and did not provoke the assault. Moreover, multiple videos show what appears to be undercover FBI agents or informants breaking windows, fighting and committing various acts of violence. Lastly, Antifa bad actors were seen changing into Trump gear while others in their typical black outfits are seen on different videos acting as, well, you know, as Antifa rioters.

3. Murders

It has been said that 5 people died on the day of the “insurrection” (their words) but actually 4 Trump supporters were killed by the police, directly or indirectly, and one police officer died on January 7th of an unrelated consequence, a fact ignored by his own department.

4. Charges (overcharge or fabrication)

In a concerted effort by the DOJ, their “Shock and Awe” campaign resulted in excessive charges. Many of these charges are notably over exaggerated, even fabricated. Fabricated?, you may ask in astoundment?  Would the government of the United States do such a thing? As an example, the FBI often picks and chooses how to depict an action in their complaint, giving a biased view of the events. A couple of photos may seem to show a defendant holding a shield he is deemed to have unlawfully seized from a policeman. However the withheld portions of the video later shows that the defendant was running towards the police for help and happened to have bumped into a shield.

5. Prison

The prison conditions which the January 6th defendants are being held in across the country are not only deplorable but differ radically from that of the general population. Some of the problems are

Contact with attorneys is minimal when direly needed for defense prepping

Discovery and law library access are often withheld

Documents and discovery evidence are often stolen by guards

Visitation by family is not allowed

Food is often inedible, contaminated and offers insufficient nutrition

Medical care is minimal or non-existent, medications are withheld,

Indefinite Solitary confinement is used as punishment for minor or fabricated offenses, in contravention of the Geneva Convention, and the list goes on.

6. Injustice

The Legal situation is beyond dire. Most defendants cannot afford expensive lawyers or even inexpensive lawyers, as fees range from $20,000 to more than $300,000, depending on the case. Remember that many of these defendants are being held in pretrial detention, unable to provide for themselves or their families. In this politically toxic environment, it is extremely difficult to find an attorney or law firm who is willing to take a January 6th case. Consequently most defendants have to deal with public defenders who do not believe in their case or have formed opinions based on their personal political bias.They often insult them by telling them they are guilty, yell at them, refuse to file motions and often sabotage their cases. Public Defenders’ typical duty, as attorney Joseph McBride noted in several interviews, is to lead their clients to take a plea deal that is often against their best interest.

7. Unjust Felony Charge (1512 a to c)

More than 100 defendants have been given the 1512 felony charge that could potentially lend them in jail for many years as the maximum sentence is up to 20 years of jail time. However, this charge is inaccurate, as no Congressional Session was being held but it appears now that neither of the two Primary members, Kamala and Pence, were actually at the Capitol. They had been evacuated from the grounds due to the pipe bomb discovered at the DNC and RNC. Harris was at the DNC and Pence left around 1:40, so neither were present. It is to be noted that this charge was leveled originally against Enron employees who destroyed evidence as hearings were occurring in DC.

The entire article can be found HERE.

Far-left Politico is finally catching up to this issue. In a report yesterday Politico says:

Earlier versions of the charge against Griffin erroneously indicated that then-Vice President-elect Kamala Harris — another Secret Service protectee — was on Capitol Grounds during the riot.

But prosecutors have acknowledged their initial contention was erroneous, and POLITICO since revealed that Harris was blocks away at the offices of the Democratic National Committee when the mob overran the building. There, she was evacuated after authorities discovered a pipe bomb outside. Prosecutors have subsequently removed language related to Harris from hundreds of Capitol riot indictments.

McFadden hammered on that point in his order.

The Government has never explained how it got such a basic fact so wrong for so long,” he said. “Presumably, it was relying on representations—and in felony cases, grand jury testimony—of Secret Service personnel. Given all that, Griffin may probe the Government’s evidence as to the location of Vice President Pence.”

In upcoming cases, the whereabouts of VP Pence on Jan 6 are now in question. The Secret Service doesn’t want to say where he was but if he was offsite and not even in the Capitol we will know that the corrupt DOJ will have misrepresented where both Harris and Pence were on Jan 6.”

*TTOA Editor note – Some additions and changes were made.