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Ilhan Omar Says ‘Clarence Thomas Needs To Be Impeached’ Over His Wife’s Texts

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Dem Rep Ilhan Omar broke her silence on the text message scandal surrounding Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (who is currently hospitalized), by calling for Clarence to be impeached.

Omar said in response to the text story: “Clarence Thomas needs to be impeached.”

The internet erupted with Stephen L. Miller saying, “If we start removing government officials because of the ethically questionable behavior of their spouses, oh brother have I got some news you’re not going to like.” And another Twitter user joked: “Get your wife in line, seethed the feminists.”

Others on the left like Joe Scarborough whined that ‘justice will not be served when it comes to Donald Trump’ before complaining that Merrick Garland won’t indict Ginni Thomas, Trump, and many others.

He said:

“What we have learned is justice will not be served when it comes to Donald Trump. It just won’t, I don’t know why. I don’t know why the Justice Department won’t walk through that door and hold them accountable. I don’t know what happened in Manhattan. 

“I sure know the prosecutors — we didn’t report about this because, well, we have a war going on and we are on the verge of World War III, but you have a prosecutor that quit the case in Manhattan, because we said this, Donald Trump is guilty of multiple crimes. 

“Donald Trump hyper-inflated the value of his assets his entire life. He lied to banks about it. It’s the testimony, he lied to everybody about it. It’s long been the opinion of everybody that has ever known him or been around him, and seems the facts bear that out, and the prosecutor thought that, but guess what, once again Donald Trump escapes justice.

“If you are reading this story and thinking justice will be served against these people that tried to overthrow the democracy, and we found out the Justice Department is not interested in doing that.

“We found out Merrick Garland is not interested in serving up justice because somebody somewhere might think, ‘Oh, my god, there’s a political angle to this.’ Are you kidding me? 

“This after that guy on the screen right now spent four years trying to break down the wall between the White House and the Justice Department, the White House and the FBI, the White House and the intel services, and now we have an attorney general that won’t even bring charges when crimes are committed? 

“We have a D.A. in Manhattan that won’t even bring charges when his own prosecutors who have been on this case a long time said he’s committed multiple crimes. It’s just not going to happen.

“In this case, it’s just not going to happen either, and that’s a very long prelude to say this, even if no charges are ever brought, even if there’s no disciplinary actions ever taken in this case, this Woodward story and Costa story, these texts, these exchanges serve as the most damning indictment against the Trump White House that we have seen so far, and Mark Meadows makes it very clear that he is going to use the shield of Jesus Christ — what a righteous man — to overturn American democracy, and prosecutors, I don’t know if intent still matters at the Justice Department, but if it does, he says in his text that the mission of his life will be overturning a fair and free democratic American election.

“Let that sink in for a second, guys, gals.

“Tell me where there’s intent there to subvert American democracy. Well, we know how this story is going to end. Everybody is going to walk. 

“The bad guys always get away from the Trump administration, and they will here as well, and it’s just unfortunately the whole American belief that no man is above the law, that doesn’t apply to Donald Trump. 

“We don’t know why, it just doesn’t. 

“Again, this story in and of itself, these texts, they indict all of them as un-American, unpatriotic seditioners, end of story.”