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BREAKING News Out Of The FBI- They Just Admitted SHTF Is About To Happen

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Thanks to our DEMENTED president our national security has been compromised greatly.

Millions of unvetted people from all over the world have entered the United States in just a year and a large percentage of these people have plans to attack America,

This is extremely serious and what’s frightening is that Biden and his worthless advisors have no plan on how to combat these threats.

If only the election wasn’t corrupt Trump would be in charge and the world would be a much safer place.

But the deep state beat us and here we are in the middle of some of the worst times America has ever experienced.

Cyberattacks- check this out!

Once again, a member of the ruling class, Swamp creature and TRUMP HATING FBI Director Christopher Wray, warned the private sector to prepare for potential cyberattacks, saying United States agents were “particularly focused on the destructive cyber threat” from Russian agents. They are setting the stage for a false flag attack, Mac Slavo at SHTFplan.com reports.

The FBI director spoke just one day after The White House warned companies to bolster defenses and prepare for potential cyberattacks while the Russian invasion of Ukraine intensifies as it approaches a month since forces entered the country, according to a report by The Hill. 

Speaking at the Detroit Economic Forum, Wray mentioned the attack on Colonial Pipelines last year, which shut down one of the largest pipelines on the East Coast for five days. A criminal group based in Russia was responsible for the cyberattack.

Wray said the FBI and U.S. agents were working closely with Ukraine and allies abroad, but also with companies in the private sector in the U.S., to prepare for any cyberattacks on critical infrastructure. -The Hill

“Private networks, whether they belong to a pipeline operator, some other kind of victim, or an internet service provider, are most often the place we confront adversaries,” Wray said. “If American businesses don’t report attacks and intrusions, we won’t know about most of them, which means we can’t help you recover, and we don’t know to stop the next attack.”

When the ruling class and its mainstream media puppets start pushing the notion of anything, we should at the very least, take note.  Prepare for a potential cyber attack and make sure you are ready in case the lights go out if “Russia” decides to “attack” our “critical infrastructure.” Also, keep in mind that most people are not prepared for much of anything, and expect them to react as such.

One often overlooked preparedness skill is bartering. Make sure you have some items you can and are willing to trade if something does go down.

Great items for bartering include ALCOHOL, SMOKES, AMMO, GASOLINE and other necessities.

With Biden in charge the world is absolutely insane.