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Federal Judge Sends Trump Opponents Spinning – He Just Considered The Former President’s Prospects Of Another Term

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Democrats are still trying to take down Donald Trump. You might not believe it, but there are some of them still mounting campaigns against 45—even though they’ve only lost in the past. There were two impeachments.

Endless negative stories (most of which were based on distorted information or “anonymous sources”). And let’s not forget how they’ve gone after his family.

All in the name of what? They won’t say. But one judge seems to know what is really going on. As pathetic as it might sound, some Democrats are still trying to get their hands on Trump’s taxes.

They seem to believe that if they can see them, they can prove whatever wild thing they’ve imagined up in their heads. But this federal judge must have chapped their hides when she admitted something they refuse to talk about.

From CNN:

A federal appellate judge considering whether Donald Trump should be forced to turn over his tax returns to Congress suggested on Thursday that he could become president again — and that could be a factor in the case.

“We have a situation that involves a sitting President and a former President. If this drags out, for all we know he could be a sitting president again,” Judge Karen Henderson, of the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit, noted on Thursday.

Here’s one Karen the left will wish had kept her mouth shut. Appellate Judge Karen Henderson acknowledged that a case against Trump to hand over his tax records carries weight if he becomes president again. Although Democrats refuse to knowledge this, we know this is the real reason they are still going after his records.

Think about it. Why are Democrats still trying to uncover Trump’s tax returns? So they can prove they were right about their accusations against him. Why does that matter now, with him out of office? If they could prove what they’ve been saying, would it make any difference today?

Yes, but only if Trump wants to run for office again. If he runs again, and becomes president, then his tax returns might be a piece of news some people care about. That’s even more important, during a possible 2024 run. We all know Democrats want Trump’s taxes, so they can use them against him (if their attacks are true). It doesn’t matter in any other situation.

The truth is, most Americans don’t care one way or another about Trump’s taxes. If they vote for him in 2024 (if he’s running), it will be because they want him to fix what Biden screwed up and don’t want a Democrat in office.

Democrats are just spinning their wheels, once again.

Source: CNN