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After Trump Pushed To Replace Nancy As Speaker – The Donald Finally Weighs In, Says He’s Not Interested

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Ever since Donald Trump left the White House, supporters have been speculating on if and when he’ll return. Many hope he runs for office again in 2024. But there is a group of supporters who are hoping he comes back sooner than that. Some have concocted a plan to get him in power sometime after 2022.

The plan would require Republicans to retake the House. With the majority, they can vote to make Trump Speaker of the House. If they are able to remove Biden and Harris through impeachment, then Trump would be next in line.

But is this something 45 wants? He settled the speculation during a recent interview.

From Twitter:

Trump says he is not interested in becoming Speaker of the House if Republicans retake control and he is nominated

Matt Gaetz revived the notion of making Donald Trump the Speaker of the House, during a recent rally. But during an interview, Donald Trump revealed he was not interested in doing that. During the interview, Trump appeared to take the question seriously. Some might consider it just to be something a Republican might say during a rally to hype the crowd.

But Trump wasn’t willing to dismiss it out of hand.

Instead, he appeared measured and careful about his response. And it appears he would rather focus his efforts on other goals. He said that his team would consider their options after the 2022 elections. Perhaps he is referring to a possible 2024 run and announcement, or other plans for the party.

This news might come as a disappointment for some Trump supporters. Truth be told, it was a longshot, anyway. If Republicans flip the House in 2022, it would be better if Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader, is picked as Speaker. But this is good news since it means Trump is probably more focused on a 2024 run.

And we might be hearing something soon, post-November.

Source: Twitter